Tank-CAM V2.2

Computer Aided Modelling.

The correct angles and dimensions of the hull plates of this 1/76 Alkett Minenraumer were calculated with Tank-CAM.
A couple of years ago I struggled for more than 4 months to get the shape and angle of the hull plates of a 1/72 scale SdKfz 251 ausf D right.

As one of my next planned models was the Alkett Minenraumer with even more hull plates under different angles I decided to look for a way in which it was easier to reconstruct the actual shape and dimension of these plates out of scale drawings giving front, rear, side and top view.

The result is this Tank-CAM program.

This Tank-Cam version 2 the "XP"version.

New in this version:

The principle is simple:
  1. Scan the front, rear, side and top view of the drawing and save them as BMP, GIF or JPG files
  2. Start Tank-CAM and load these drawings in their own windows.
  3. Enter the original scale of the drawing and the scale of the model you want to make.
  4. With your mouse mark each corner of the hull plate you want to know the actual shape of. Do this in each view.
  5. Print the results, a drawing of the actual shape and size of the hull plate. You now only have to cut this shape out of plastic sheet.
  6. Or copy the result to the clipboard and paste it in a drawingprogram.

The program was written in Visual Basic V5.0 under Windows ME.
It is also working fine under W95 & 98 and XP .

Download your copy of Tank-CAM XP here.

More information about Tank-CAM XP

Tank-Cam calculates the true dimensions of a surface after you mark its corners in two or more different views.

Front,Rear,Side and Top view Windows:

Load Bitmaps of side front rear and top view in their windows by making the correct Window active(menu Window-.. view) and loading a drawing (menu File-Load Drawing).
Tank-Cam assumes that the drawing you have shows the front of the vehicle in the Side view facing to the left.
If in your drawing the front of the vehicle is facing to the right load your front view in Tank-Cam's Rear view Window and your rear view in the Front view Window to obtain correct results.
You can mark the corners of a surface by clicking on it with the left mouse button.Take care that each corner has the same mark number in every view.
For accurate calculations use for the first three marks corners which are as far apart as possible.
If you wish you can see the position of the marks in the previous Windows by selecting Show Aux.Lines (menu Show-Aux.Lines)

As you enter marks in one view their counterparts in the other views are created also. They are temporary placed in a frame, you can drag and drop them on their correct place in these views.

Results Window:

After marking the corners you can see the true form of the surface in the Results Window (menu Window-5 Results).
You can save the Drawing (menu File-Save Result), print it (menu File-Print Result) or copy it to the clipboard and so transfer the results to another drawing program. (menu Result-Copy Result to Clipboard). Enter the desired output scale with Scale Setup (Menu File-Scale Setup)
You can Rotate or Flip the drawing (menu Result-Flip/Rotate)
To calculate the next surface remove all marks by using Clear Marks all Views(menu Views-Clear Marks all Views).

Mouse Buttons: File Size:

To save memory it is recommended to cut a complete drawing in separate front , rear , side and top views using Paintbrush or another program and load these files in their windows instead of loading the complete drawing in four different windows.

This is the 32 bits version of the original Tank-CAM program.
Tank-Cam is written in Visual Basic V5.0


Unzip the files in a temporary directory and run the setup.exe program to install the files.

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