How to...

    Netscape Communicator (tested with version 4.05):
    1. Mark link of the desired version of the program (by pushing down the left mouse-key and "slipping over" the text)
    2. Click with the right mouse-key on the just marked link
    3. Choose menu Link save as... to download

    Psion Web (tested with version 2.00(49)):
    1. Tap the link of the program once
    2. Choose File/More/Save link as... to download

    Microsoft Internet Explorer (tested with version 5):
    Click on link

    If there are still some problems, please send me an e-mail to with subject "problem in download xxxxx, version yyyyy", where xxxxx = name of program and yyyyy = series3 or series 5/Revo. I will send you by e-mail the program.

    BIKLOG for the Series 3xx BIKLOG for the Series 5/5mx/Revo/Revo+/Mako/MC218/Series7/netBook
    ATMOS for the Series 3xx ATMOS for the Series 5/5mx/MC218
    SAILLOG for the Series 5/5mx/Revo/Revo+/Mako/MC218/Series7/netBook


    The ZIP file contains all the things to install the program on any drive of your Psion. If you find on your device the Add/remove-icon in the path Tools/Control panel..., you can install the program from your Psion. Please read installation-type A.

    If the Add/remove-icon is not present, you have to setup the pogram from a PC with installed PsiWin-software. Please read installation-type B.

    Installation-type A:

    Installation with Psion only
    1. Unzip
    2. Save xxxxx.sis into a secure folder of your PC.
    3. Copy xxxxx.sis into a folder of your Psion.
    4. Start the Add/remove-tool in the control-panel of your Psion. Check there the preferences (deleting of installation-files and preferred language) before installation.

    Installation-type B:

    Installation with a personal-computer
    1. The PsiWin-software has to be installed on a PC.
    2. Unzip
    3. Copy xxxxx.sis in a working-folder of your PC.
    4. Connect your Psion properly to your PC.
    5. Doubleclick xxxxx.sis to install it.

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