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Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands: March 1, 2001

My name is Joop Pison. This Homepage concerns one of my hobbies. The most important hobby at this time in my life is genealogy.

The genealogy here presented, comprises the descendants of Franciscus Pison (1806 Leiden, The Netherlands) and Bertrinus Pison (1818 Adinkerke -De Panne-, Belgium). At this moment there is no definitive established between the Dutch and Belgian lines. Only the surname is the link. May be there is a link between those two but that has not yet been proven.

Several persons are looking for the roots of our Dutch family-tree.

In my younger years I was very curious about our family tree. But I had no idea how to find out and how to make it visible easy. At that time there were no computers and no programs to do the job. (I found out it's a hell of a job to get the information about our family.) In 1999 one of my friends said there is a historic event in Reeuwijk (Zuid-Holland) and there you can see a lot of information about genealogy.  When I was in Reeuwijk a person of the Dutch Genealogical society (NGV) told me that there is a program where he can find out of there is a person who did earlier research of the Pison family-tree. And yet there was the name of Wim van Ark (his mother was a Pison) of Leiderdorp. He lives only one block from my parent's house. There was also the ProGen organization with the ProGen software program which is very skilful for this work. So I bought this ProGen program and became also a member of the ProGen-society. I became also a member of the "NVG" and of the Central Bureau of Genealogy (CBG).

In my own family there is a nephew of my father who also has done some research of our Dutch family-tree. I visited above mentioned persons and interviewed them about family matters. I also visited  and talked by telephone to more members of the Pison family. On Internet I saw I found the name of a female Pison in Belgium, and I wrote her an e-mail. May be she could inform me whether she was related to us. And so I got information about the Belgium Pison-family-tree. In Leiden I visited, with my friend Leo Westerweel,  the Leiden City Archives. And my friend also visit the Central Bureau of Genealogy in The Hague. (I'm very thankful to my friend Leo Westerweel who passed away on December 26th 2000, in France. Leo was my great inspiration.)

In the Netherlands there was a computer program which gave information about all the  telephonenumbers in the Netherlands. So I became familiar with Ria Pison in the very South of the Netherlands (Zuid-Limburg). She gave me also a lot of information (and so did her niece Josephine Vroomen). So I got all of the information to feed the ProGen-software program and to get it on the Internet.
I received a lot of information from the interviews and last but not least the e-mail of the Belgium family Pison and Van Calenbergh. I hereby thank them very much.

On the Dutch site are the family-tree with a lot of information. Also there is information about the surname of Pison. I'm working to make a (short) translation of this.

You can see a first proof of it at the next pages:


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Will you help me?:

This genealogy comprises many men for which it has been impossible to find out whether they have had any descendants. The main reason for this is that the archives regarding the 20e century are still very limited. Attached list of Pison Netherlands and list of Pison Belgium presents an overview of these persons. In case you know any of them please send me an e-mail with the information you have.

For detailed information see the complete genealogy, or send me an e-mail in case you have a secific question.

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