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Leiden The Netherlands: November 23, 2000

On Thanksgiving. In the city of Leiden in the Netherlands Thomas and Lillian Pison of New York (USA) met Joop Pison of Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands) for the first time. "Meeting with Joop in Leiden -- the home city of the Thanksgiving tradition -- was a great experience for Lil and me. We love to travel and meet new people. However, our meeting with Joop in Leiden will always add something significant and personal to every Thanksgiving holiday after this. The Pison family connection, which we discovered thanks to his highly interesting web site, added a unexpected value to our meeting". So observed Thomas Pison.

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Lillian and Joop          and                 Thomas and Joop


"We spoke of-course about the Pison's in the USA" so said Joop. "Thomas had done research regarding the Pison family and he told me about specific French historic events". Three years ago Thomas was researching a book project at the computer center of the New York Public Library. Attempting to see if anything he had published made it into CATNYP (CATolog of the New York Public Library), he typed his last name, Pison, into the search engine, and several citations appeared. None were for his publications, but three by Pison du Galland were listed, archived in the Rare Book Room of the New York Public Library Call Numbers: KVR 3021; KVR 3022 and KVR 11175)

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Blason des Pison, d'apres l'aramoral du Dauphiné, de G. Rivoire de la Batie

D'argent, à deux masses d'armes de gueules, passées en sautoir

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Alexis François PISON du GALLAND (Grenoble 1747-1826)

Pison du Galland A.F.gif (635107 bytes)

A.F. Pison du Galland



Né à Genoble en 1747

Député du Dauphiné

à l'Assemblé Nationale

de 1789


"So you see the meeting in Leiden was a great experience for me" stated Joop Pison. "In spring 2001 we will get together again with Thomas and Lillian from New York. Then we plan to visit some places in South-Holland in The Netherlands. My wife Annie and I are both looking forward to it."

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