This is my Amiga 500.

Soon the website of the restoration of my Amiga 500 will come here...


Photo 1 My Amiga 500 is still running in 2019!

Amiga 500


Photo 2 Still running great and the sound is fantastic! (Amiga with red LED)

Amiga 500


Photo 3 With extra floppy drive and A590 hard disk drive connected to my other
Amiga 500 with a green LED.  I'm fixing up the other Amiga 500.

Amiga 500


Photo 4 Still using the original Commodore 1084S monitor.

Amiga 500


Photo 5 Checking the A590 memory.

A590 memory


Photo 6/7 Conversion of a PC floppy drive for use in my Amiga.

Floppy drive conversion

Floppy drive conversion


Photo 8 Replacement of burnt-out resistor.

Burnt-out resistor


My Amiga 500 contains:

  1. interactive connectionComputer (CPU) and A590 Hard Drive Plus
  2. html cleanerExternal 5,25" and 3,5" Floppy Drive
  3. Word to html1084S Monitor
  4. replace textTank Mouse
  5. gibberishA501 512K RAM Board Expansion and A509 2MB RAM Expansion
  6. html table divJoystick


More options:

Description Links  
To see how I cleaned an Amiga 500 memory board Click on this link x


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