International Damask Network Newsletter.

The Autumn/Winter 2017 issue of our Newsletter came out some months ago. We curently have approx. 100 members, the majority of which are active Damask weavers. We have among them weavers that just started weaving Damask, as well as very experienced members and all levels in between and all are welcome to become a member. As you can read lateron the only obligation to get the Newsletters free of charge is writing an article once in two years. We do the editing and, if required, the translation into English.

Some weeks ago we informed our members that we, Laura an Jan, have decided to terminate our activities for the Network, including the Newsletters, after more than ten years. We asked our members if someone was willing to take over our work and to guarantee the continuation of the Network. The following weeks were rather stressful for us as no one seemed to react. Now we are happy to announce that an experienced American weaver mailed us that she is prepared to take over our work, including (in due time) this Newsletter. The name of our successor is: Su Butler and she lives in Illinois (USA).

She will announce herself in more detail in the next Newsletter, that is planned to be issued around the end of March 2018.

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We should like to invite you in sending us by our mail address Laura Diepenbroek data about interesting exhibitions for weavers and interesting websites. We then can publish them in a special chapter of this website or in the coming Newsletter.


The history of the International Damask Network

Approx.eightteen years ago (on 17th April 1997 to be precise) Mr. Maurice Piot, who lived in the Swiss village of Gland near Lausanne, took the initiative to bring together Damask weavers from all over the world. As an enthusiastic promoter for Damask and Damask (hand)weaving he also took the initiative to publish a quarterly Damask Newsletter. Over the years this Newsletter gained momentum and grew from simple black and white copied pages into a readable and colorful quarterly (now sent free of charge by e-mail to all members).

At this moment approx. 130 weavers are a member of our International Network. They share their experiences, inspire each other and participate in international exhibitions of their work.

This truly international group has members in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the USA, Sweden and Switzerland. The membership is totally free of charge. The only request is that members are prepared to send information or an article about damask weaving at least once in two years and want to introduce themselves and tell us what they are weaving..

This simple website serves as a means of communication between members and to publish their contributions or read contributions of others. We have added a questbook (see below) and hope this will help communication among the members (and others interested in damask weaving).

When you are interested in a previous issue of our Newsletter, please send an e-mail to Mail to Laura and Jan and we will gladly send it to you bij sending you an email link to dropbox, where you can download it..

When you want something to be published, have suggestions or else, please also send an e-mail to Mail to Laura and Jan


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