SPLIF2 alpha
(Spline Fonts In Allegro, scalable text output using textout)
This is a completely rewritten lib, using allegro's new font system. since the basic idea is the same, but the api changed completely I called this SPLIF2 instead of just releasing a new version of the old SPLIF library. features:
-solid/outline fonts
-dynamic scaling , independent in x/y directions
-font editor and partialy finished example font included

This is a project I'm working on with Hein Zelle . It is a multiplayer networking game. More info here.


Because I don't have any time these weeks, and I still need to dust off the wham version I have at home a bit, wham will be added in the near future. (really, I promise ;-) ok, sorry, that future was not so near ;-) But here is a quickly wrapped up version, straigght from my hd. Most of works in linux with allegro 4.0+ in linux, I have no idea idea about other platforms.

for the same reasons as stated above, the CMP utility will be re-added in the near fufture.

Because the old version of splif doesn't work with the newest WIP allegro versions, and because I have a newer version which is much better, the original SPLIF is discontinued. If you need the old version, send me an email and you can have it.

The isometric engine was a nice little demo, but it didn't do much besides displaying some simplistic isometric houses and trees. Once apon a time , a long long time ago, there were frequent discussions about writing an isometric engine on the Allegro Game Programming list. I read the discussions and though to myself: It can't be *that* hard. So I decided to write an isometric engine myself. It was not that hard indeed, though it turned out as a complete mess ofcourse. Because of this mess (the whole thing was written in about 3 days, with 1 night sleep, no design thoughts and hardly any comments) I don't understand it anymore myself. For this reason I chose to leave it rest in the forgotten corners of my hard drive ;-)

Miner is a game I have been busy on for some time. It is not very finished, but my mother plays it fanatically, so I'm not allowed to change it anymore ;-) Because of time shortage, I will re-add miner in the near future....

My entry in the Allegro Speedhack competition 1999
Because of time shortage, I will re-add kloink in the near future....

My entry in the Allegro Speedhack competition 2002
get it here (tgz file, source building instructions for linux & windows (msvc) needs Allegro installed).

A tuner. records sound and tries to find it's frequency. Not very acuurate at the moment, and only tested under linux. Needs a soundcard driver which supports recording with allegro. Get it here (bzip2'd tar file)

A gus patch editor, for use with digmid. Currently only tested in linux, should be easy to port to windows. instred.tgz needs the wham lib to compile

checkwww.tgz a set of scripts to check webpages for changes