1.a Wing: front border cell (R1) completely dark, without hyaline patches, the dark pattern on the wing reaches the hind border of the wing; Abdomen reddish brown with broad, median black stripe, last tergites often more or less reddish. 9-14mm. -> Exoprosopa capucina (Fabricius, 1781)

1.b Wing: front border cell (R1) with hyaline patches, dark pattern on wing does or does not reach the hind border; abdomen blackish with silver hair patches -> 2

Wing with front border cell completely darkened, left/above; wing with front border cell with hyaline patches, right/below.

2.a Antenna: 4th segment shorter than the 3rd, about half to twothirds of the length of the 3rd segment. 9-15mm. -> Exoprosopa jacchus (Fabriacius, 1805)

2.b Antenna: 4th segment as long as the 3rd segment. 4-16mm. -> Exoprosopa cleomene Egger, 1859

Exoprosopa capucina

Exoprosopa jacchus

Exoprosopa cleomene

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