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If it doesn't make a noise it doesn't exist!

Started in 2015 as a project with a youth choir to play a gig on a cancer charity festival. This project was initiated by a band callled Sprezatura, but in the end it came down to only 2 of the original members (the drummer and Hans the guitarist having enough time and motivation to proceed with this project. The gaps were filled by additional musicians and the gig successfully played. During rehearsals it became clear that, except for the lead singer and drummer everybody else wanted to continue playing together and with the sax/keyboard player switching to drums, HRDP was launched in august 2015.
As in the future we intent to invite other musicians to participate and create a pool of musicians around us. We consider ourselves more as a music collective than as a regular band.


HRDP is based in Tongeren in the beautifull Limburg region which is close to the Dutch and Belgian border. Making it almost inevitable of being a melting pot of both Belgian and Dutch nationalities. Besides being multinational we also represent different age groups, each with its own qualities, experiences, expectations and musical preferences. Which we think only contributes to our music.

Where does HRDP stands for or what does it mean? Actually it is all up to your own imagination what to make of it. Sort of a hint (sorry, only for Dutch speakers) "If it doesn't make a noise it doesn't exist!"

Musical style and influences?

Tough question, could be anything, we started writing our own material. But one of us, due to medical issues, had to step back for quite a long time. During this period we mainly focussed on attempts to play covers injected or topped with what we think, the band's character.

We all have a more or less preference, tendency towards alternative music, but we also like to explore other musical genres and cross musical borders. With even some "slight" tendencies towards Blues Jazz and Soul, but aren't these at the root of all of todays popular music?

What are we up to?

Because of the unexpected leave of Vanessa we're on the outlook for an new lead vocal and keyboard player. Unfortunately that also means we had to cancel our first HRDP gig which was originally planned somewhere end of May 2017.


Bios, funny stories and more

Other stories and fun bits

Let's wait for something worthwhile to tell in the near future.


An overview of our upcoming gigs!

27/05/17 Gerechtshof, Tongeren Canceled

Our Blog

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Help zanger(es) en toetsenist(e) gezocht

Wegens privé omstandigheden moest onze lead zangeres/toetseniste er helaas mee stoppen. Dus zoeken wij naast een nieuwe voice en face ook een toetsenist(e)voor onze band. Dus als je een donkere (soul/blues) zang-stem hebt met eventueel een ruw randje en op zoek bent naar een band waarin spelplezier voorop staat en wil je graag optreden, laat dan wat van je horen.

Naast het plezier van samen muziek maken vinden we motivatie, inzet en serieus met muziek bezig zijn belangrijk.

Qua leeftijd liefst 20 jaar en ouder.

We spelen Indie/Alternative covers met een randje waaraan we ons eigen karakter proberen te geven en hebben eigen nummers in de steigers staan. Eigen inbreng wordt zeker gewaardeerd, daarvoor bieden wij zeker een luisterend oor :-).

We hebben onze eigen repetitieruimte met apparatuur.

Mocht je interesse of vragen hebben, contacteer ons via hrdpinfo@gmail.com dan maken we snel een afspraak.


Photos and other media stuff

Work under construction!

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