Linux, OS/2 plus 2 X Windows 95 on a Toshiba Libretto 110 CT

(by Philip Nienhuis)

Last site update: 13 June 2001

This page updated 13 June 2001


(General stuff:)
Why this web page?    Why all those operating systems on one PC?    Libretto 110 CT

(Relevant for all operating systems, original harddisk:)
My wishes in technical detail    Installation issues    Partitioning scheme    How to boot it all    Installation order

(Operating system specific, original harddisk:)
Installation of Windows 95    OS/2 Warp 3.0    Linux (Redhat 5.2 & Mandrake 6.0)

(An update about a larger HD with renewed installation of all OSes is in preparation - stay tuned)

(Rounding up:)
Epilogue    Contact me


(C)Copyright 1999-2001 P.R.Nienhuis,




Because I had much trouble getting multiple operating systems to work on my Libretto. I found much valuable information on web pages from other people who tried similar things. So, in turn my experiences may be of help to them and yet other people who would like to fit their notebook with another operating system or a multitude of operating systems.

This website / homepage is still a bit rough without background etc. I'll try to make it more attractive sometime this summer, and make it more manageable for me. All opinions expressed here are my own and my own responsibility.

I don't claim that I know all there is to know about installation of OS/2 and/or Linux on the Libretto together with Windows. I do not even know enough (yet) about OS/2 and Linux to use them in my daily work. (Hopefully that will change.) Most probably there are gurus out there who know better ways of accomplishing what I wanted. So be it.

The Toshiba Libretto 110 CT is an especially tough toy because of its non-standard native screen resolution (800x480), PCMCIA floppy drive, Yamaha OPL3 sound card which needs different settings under Linux and OS/2 than under Windows, and some other undocumented features. In addition, Windows 95&98, OS/2 and Linux were probably not designed to be installed together on one computer.

By the way, as the Libretto 110CT is merely a tuned up version of the Libretto 100CT, owners of the latter may also benefit from information on this site.

On these web site you'll find a long description of how I actually got it together. You may find it boring, but I described it in order to save others from copying my own mistakes. Later, I found neater ways to accomplish what I wanted. Although I did not try in full, experienced computer users may find clues here on how to get these operating systems (especially OS/2) installed in a cleaner or more effective way.

My demands were quite specific. Other Libretto 110CT or 100CT users may have other demands, or may even be totally satisfied with the original installation. Well, that's perfectly OK with me.

Contacting me


  • You like more information, or
  • You've got Libretto related info that may be helpful for other people and should be included on this web site, or
  • You think you have information for me that may be helpful to get my remaining Libretto wishes come true
  • please send me an e-mail: (Please remove %NOSPAM@ from my e-mail address first!). As installation of OS/2 and Linux are mere hobby projects at the moment, I check this inbox only about once or twice each week.

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