Adapting Windows on the JVC

(This page last updated 20 June 2007)

The JVC was fitted with German XP. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm Dutch and would like an English version  :-P

First I got an English OEM XP Pro on a computer fair. Then I installed Linux (see here) and used it to change the partition type from 0xde to 0x0c (FAT32 LBA).
Then I used my home network to burn all contents plus
- C:\Drivers
- C:\PnPDrivers
- C:\Windows\i386   (the German XP Pro setup files)
- C:\BC_CE
- etc
to DVD. My home LAN has 100 Mbit speed, using NETBEUI it took just half an hour or so (using 2X speed to be sure the DVD will be readable anywhere).

Then I copied the contents of the English OEM CDROM to my desktop's hard disk, downloaded SP2 (network version), used it to slipstream the English XP. Next I used nLite to add and integrate several hotfixes and to tweak a little bit here and there:
- Use C:\Home rather than C:\Documents and Settings
- Shut off several unneeded services
- Tame XP down a little bit.
Details are found on the site.
Afterwards I made an ISO-image using CDRWIN (the demo allows unlimited iso build speeds, contrary to writing which is only 1 X) and burned that to CD-ROM using e.g., Easy CD Creator or CD-Burrner.

Installation was a piece of cake afterwards.
So, nothing special to mention here.

Transplanting Windows XP installation to another HD

When I changed the original HD (40 GB) for a much bigger one (Hitachi 100 GB 7200 rpm  8MB cache), I had to transfer my Windows XP installation somehow. In contrast to Windows hater's predictions, my nLited XP installation was quite stable and I felt no urge for a brand new reinstallation. In addition, I liked to avoid reinstall Office / CD-writing stuff / shortcuts / revamp the Start menu / reapply all my personal settings, and -last but not least- I didn't want to reactivate XP and reapply all Windows Update stuff.

IOW, I transplanted my WinXP as described below.


To avoid a lot of trouble,
Again, BART PE boot CD was indispensable.
And as far as HW is concerned, somehow the old HD must be attached to the JVC to be able to copy the old XP installation to the new HD. I used an USB2.0 -> miniIDE cable for that, from a USB2.0-SATA/IDE cable package. But perhaps an USB or Firewire HD enclosure might be of use, too.

Step 1: A temporary WinXP installation

Build the new HD into the JVC (as outlined here) and install a new minimal Windows XP version on it.
I reserved space for the primary partition using OS/2 / ECS LVM (an OS/2 disk partitioner / boot manager) and had Windows create and format the new XP partition. My procedure was motivated by OS/2's notorious pickyness about HD layout, and the principle that every OS should create and format its own boot partition.
After installation is ready, the partition contains the essential root dir "System Volume Information".

Step 2: Exporting the mount table

In the new temporary WinXP installation, start regedit, navigate to HKLM \SYSTEM\MountedDevices, and export the entire key to some safe pace - not the temporary XP partition as that will be wiped soon!
It may be handy to copy the remote registry editor extension file "minidriver.exe" (see above) to the same place.

Step 3: Connect the "old" XP installation using an USB-IDE converter

Simple & straightforward.

Step 4: Booting into Bart PE

  1. Boot  from the Bart PE boot CD,
  2. Wipe all  root files and root dirs from the temporary  XP installation (except, of course System Volume Information),
  3. Be sure the external HD and especially the old XP partition has been assigned a drive letter,
  4. Start up a command window and
  5. Copy all of the "old" XP installation to the new HD using:
  6. XCOPY <olddrive>:\*.* /S /E /C /H /X     (/copy subdirs, /copy empty dirs too, /continue on errors, /also copy hidden & system files, /also copy ACL and ownership attributes etc)

Step 5: Import the new mount table into place

Still in Bart PE, use the minidriver program in the plugins dir (or start it from the new HD), enter the proper drive letter of the new Windows XP installation (probably C:). Then, navigate to HKLM\REMOTE_SYSTEM, and simply import the new mount table. It will leave old mounts in place, but overwrite the essential  \DosDevices\C: key and associated ID keys.

Step 6: Cross your fingers.......

Step 7: Shut down Bart PE and boot into the "transplanted" Windows XP installation

Hopefully it will boot up w/o trouble.
Mine did, and never asked for a new product activation (although I put it on a new HD and added 1 GB of RAM memory).
Obviously I needed to run diskmgmt.msc (Start menu, Run...) to assign, remove or change drive letters to all partitions except C: