ObjectCreator for Winrail 3D version 2.0

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Winrail version 5.0 or higer has capabilities to create a 3D view of your layout. Unfortunately, there is no tool to help you to create the objects in an easy way. You must enter lots of terrible low-level instructions to get a reasonble image. I decided that it is not feasible to create really realistic 3D objects. To make things easier, I created ObjectCreator. Using ObjectCreator you may develop objects at "Artist" impression quality level. Currently I implemented trees, buildings and platforms. Above you see an example demonstrating the capabilities of Objectcreator

download.gif (151 bytes) Dowload ObjectCreator version 2.1 (1500kB) here. It is completely free!


Unzip in a temporary directory and run Setup.exe.

System requirements:

  1. Tested with Windows98
  2. Only useful in combination with WinRail 5.x or 6.x

Let me know if you experience any bugs or if you get it working on other Operating systems.

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In version 2.0 many new features are available:

Version 2.1:


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