A Compendium of Cube-Assembly Puzzles using Polycube Shapes

by Kevin Holmes and Rik van Grol

2002, Private publication

Kevin Holmes, Three Cow Green, Bacton, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 4HJ, UK


This book is a follow-up of the book that was previously published in 1996 (see the review in CFF 41, Jan de Geus, Books and Magazines, October 1996, p 41). The new book presents 157 cube-assembly puzzles ranging from 3󫢫 (40), 4󫶘 (81), 5󬊅 (16) to 6󬝲 (20). For each puzzle are given the shapes, the objective and some details concerning the origin and the number of solutions. The book contains no solutions.

I plan to publish the separately in book form and on CD, please come back to this webpage from time to time to find out.

To order the compendium, see www.pottypuzzles.com.


For info mail me: Rik van Grol.