Mechanical Puzzles for sale




I have been participating in the yearly International Puzzle Parties since 1989.

I always make some extra copies for puzzlers that are also interested. Most of my puzzles are sold out, but there are a few puzzles still available. Those puzzles I am selling through this website. Additionally I am occasionally selling puzzles that I collected but now have double.




IPP10: Solid Block Puzzles ¾ Analysis of all 3x3x3 unit solid block puzzles with non-planar 4-unit and 5-unit shapes. Simulation Program

This is a set of two booklets, one presenting the 190 puzzles, and the other with all 560 solutions (London 1989).

Sold together with IPP19

IPP11: Slide ¾ A sliding Block Puzzle Simulation Program

This program simulated sliding block puzzles and allows the user to easily play them (Los Angeles 1991).

Only for 32-bit computers…

Only for 32-bit computers…

IPP13: Bypass

Three-piece Burr puzzle (Breukelen 1993).


Sold out

3D-printed  reproduction available

IPP17: Holey Plates

Route finding puzzle (San Francisco, USA, 1997).

Thinking about a reproduction...


Sold out

IPP18: Wavering Diamonds

Untypical two-sided matching puzzle. handmade (Tokyo 1998).


not available now, please come back

IPP19: 1819 Puzzle

Assembly puzzle (London 1999).


10 Euro

IPP20: Holey Plates Too

Route finding puzzle (Los Angeles, USA, 2000).


Sold out

IPP22: Kiddie Wrapping

Interlocking assembly puzzle (Antwerp, Belgium, 2002).

3D-printed  reproduction available


Original is sold out, but reprint now available

IPP25: Complete Insanity

A special Instant Insanity type of puzzle (Helsinki 2005).

15 Euro

IPP26: Bin Laden

A secret opening box (Boston 2006).

not available now, please come back


A special route finding puzzles in the shape of Australia (Gold Coast 2007).


not available now, please come back

IPP28-IPP37 soon to be added


please come back

The above prices are without mailing cost. The mailing cost are based on real cost and can be calculated once the address of the recipient is known.

 For info mail me: Rik van Grol.