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updated to version 2.5.5 July 2020
CSVed for editing your csv files, delete,add and insert items. Delete and add columns and rearrange the column order, column search, Column sort and more ...
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updated to version RC4 3.0.0 May 2020
CSVed this version is in my opinion fully Unicode compatible, but is still under development
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version 1.1
uniCSVed for editing your csv files, in Windows XP, 2000 you can edit in Unicode mode. For features see CSVed.
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version 2.7
Program to get colors from your screen with the build in magnifier. Zoom 1 to 10. Modify colors with the RGB or HSV slide bars. Copy the color to the clipboard as Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value. Direct changing the RGB and HSV values. Store used colors on the visible stacks or add them to a color list visible in the color combo box, creating your own color lists for your projects. Copy the screen behind the magnifier to the clipboard as Bitmap. Save magnifier image as: Icon or Bitmap.
New in this version is after color changing, the color is copied to the clipboard always.
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updated to version 1.5 May 2020
ColorCatcher can copy colors as Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value and store colors on stack for use later on.
You can create your own color lists by, for example, adding the nine stack colors or the current color. It is also possible to remove colors from lists. Or rearrange the list order by drag and drop.
Through the clipboard (computer memory) it is possible to exchange colors between ColorCatcher and your web designs and vice versa.With these options is it possible to perform your color management.
Same as CPick but a little different and maybe better.
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version 3.4 [no support]
YoPoW stands for: Your Photos on the Web, some features: Wizard, display EXIF data, short and long descriptions, theme files, magnifier and color picker,Unicode for user input text, Lossless transformations as rotate and flip, quality resizing images and thumbs

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