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Check Character Display


When viewing HTML-pages, special characters may not be accurately represented by the browser in use. A symbol subset is listed below in order to offer an opportunity to ascertain whether display problems are to be expected while visiting the pages here.


Symbol Description

bullet, black small circle
(the following bullet is not defined in HTML 4 standard: "•")
en dash
(not defined in HTML 4 standard: "–")
§ § section sign
° ° degree sign
± ± plus or minus
³ ³ superscript three
· · middle dot
¾ ¾ fraction three-fourths, (vulgar) fraction three quarters
× × multiply sign, multiplication sign
ë ë small e, di(a)eresis or umlaut mark
Δ Δ Delta
Σ Σ Sigma
Ω Ω Omega
α α alpha
α α alpha (Times New Roman)
μ μ mu
π π pi
π π pi (Times New Roman)
(-) ohm sign
(-) vulgar fraction seven eighths
rightwards arrow
rightwards double arrow
(-) increment
n-ary product, product sign
n-ary summation
minus sign
(-) bullet operator
square root, radical sign
almost equal to, asymptotic to
(-) corresponds to
not equal to
identical to
less-than or equal to


Hein ten Horn
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