Low-latency waveOut plugin for Winamp 2.x

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NOTE: This plugin is not being actively developed anymore (at the moment at least), since I don't consider it to be necessary anymore. In my opinion the standard plugins (use DirectSound output plugin on NT, 2000 or XP, waveOut on 9x/ME) provide more than adequate latencies for most things (and only very slightly larger than this plugin), and for very critical applications ASIO gives far better latencies (ASIO output plugins for both Winamp2 and 3 can be downloaded from http://otachan.com/, this address should work now, mail me if it doesn't). If your soundcard doesn't support ASIO (see http://michael.tippach.bei.t-online.de/asio4all/ for a generic ASIO driver) you could also try the kernel streaming output plugin for Winamp 2, see this thread at HydrogenAudio. If I find any bugs or get any feature requests I might still release updated versions though. Also, if you are interested in the source code, just mail me.

My low-latency waveOut output plugin for Winamp was designed to be used with my LineIn plugin, but it can also be used with any other input plugin.
The plugin works by not buffering the sound it gets, but instead forwarding it directly to the soundcard, which results in a lot less latency (unfortunately it also uses more cpu). This doesn't mean however that it doesn't use buffers at all, it simply forwards them to the soundcard directly.

The latest version is 1.11 (uploaded on March 20, 2002).

To download please click on the link:
Low-latency waveOut plugin v1.11 (43 KB)
A bugfix release that has some stupid bugs fixed I discovered just after I had release v1.10, the comments for v1.10 follow:
This is a major improvement over v1.01, it uses less resources, is less error-prone and probably even has less latency, as far as I know seeking, pan and volume all work and I use it without a problem (it even doesn't skip much).
If you have any questions, just mail me.
I also have a mailinglist (for updates and so on). To join it, just mail me.

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To contact me, please mail to: th.v.d.gronde@hccnet.nl
I hope you'll enjoy my program(s).