Hi there !

Here's a picture that I lifted off another web site.

I'm 55 years of age and I've been living in the Netherlands since 1997.

My place of origin is Denmark though. I was first licensed there in 1980 (being only 14 years old) with the call sign OZ1DOQ.

I've been an active ham ever since concentrating on the VHF-UHF-SHF bands.

Favourite activities have been:

- 144 MHz Meteor Scatter with expeditions to 4U1, T7, TA, SV5, EA, SM, OH & LA.

- Microwave DX from 1.3 to 10 GHz

- Contesting - mainly on 144 MHz in the Nordic Activity Contest from a portable QTH in Denmark (JO64GX)




Way back - when we were all younger (Weinheim 1987)

Even further back (Geneva 1984)