Face to face with DICE

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Leo van der Heijdt: "Face to face with dice", subtitle: "5000 years of dice and dicing".

190 pages, about 100 illustrations, more than 40 of which printed in color.

December 2001, Groningen- The Netherlands,  ISBN: 90-76953-88-0

About the book:

It is really amazing to learn that there are numerous dice shapes, in addition to the cube, which are used from Antiquity until today, all over the world. Even more astonishing is to discover that all kinds of shapes, other than the cube, originating from Antiquity have returned over the past 30 years, unconscienciously imitated and manufactured from polymers (plastics) of higher and higher qualiy and offered nowadays, in the most exotic and spectacular color varieties. At the same time original oldies can still be found on flea markets, not to forget the "Internet Auctions" like eBay, Ricardo and many others.

The enormous differences in appearence of dice through the centuries and civilisations were not fully recognized. When specimens are on display in some museums, visitors show little interest. This explains the question people again and again asked me when I started to collect this special item: "Have you already got two different ones?".It also explainswhy, over the past 20 years, I have gone from one surprise to the next. The birth of the present book is the consequence of the foregoing. It was born from surprises and explores all possible facets of dice over the past 5000 years. For example the history of the oldest dice (which were found in Pakistan about 5000 years ago), gambling mania and addiction to dicing and setting up a collection. The work also gives an overview of locations where to find dice and the development of the materials used. The book is richly provided with black and white and color photographs and drawingws.

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Some reactions on: “Face to face with DICE, 5000 years of dice and dicing”


Harold Cataquet, UK (Magician specialized in dice tricks and collector of puzzles) telling his fellow collectors in nobnet@iijnet.or.jp:

“I don’t know how many people are interested in dice, but there is a BRILLIANT new book on dice that has just been published by gopher publishers. The book is called “Face to face with Dice: 5000 years of dice and dicing” and it is by Leo van der Heijdt.

Peter Ruchmann (Gambler’s Book Shop), Las Vegas, USA: “A fascinating book”

Alexander Simkin, London UK (Web manager of the Dice Maniacs Club The Random Fandom): “Your book arrived yesterday and I’ve almost finished it.I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of “Face to face”. I have not been so engrossed by a book in years. When I finish reading it, I’m already planning on reading it again.”

Peter Michaelsen, Denmark: (Author of several articles about games and teetotums): “Now I have had some more time to study your wonderful book, which I find most interesting!”

Dr Irving Finkel, (British Museum), London UK: “I am delighted to have your book “in my language” and  appreciate immensely your kind remarks at the beginning. My only hesitation about it is that it is going to engender a whole new group of dice-collecting rivals…”

Dan Glimme, Sweden: The book arrived a couple of days ago, marvelous reading, easily the best book so far on the history of dice! I take of my hat to you.” 

Peter Beuys, Germany (dice-collecting rival): Das Buch erfüllt sicherlich alle Wünsche eines Würfelsammlers.

Jean-Louis Cazaux, France (auteur de livres de jeux)

J'ai bien reçu votre livre depuis le début de la semaine dernière et je le ... dévore. En français, c'est ce qu'on dit d'un livre qu'on aime beaucoup et qu'on ne peut pas lâcher. Il est très agréable à lire, bien informé et bien présenté. Je reviendrai vers vous quand je l'aurai terminé.

Jon Hather, UK

Face to Face arrived today, thanks very much. Wonderfull book, pass on my congratulations to the author

Stefan Ramseier, Switzerland (25-03-2008)

Thank you very much for having pointed out your excellent book! I didn't know that dice have such a rich history, and the stories, the pictures and paintings and the enormous amount of information you gathered during the last decades are unique. Highly recommended !!!