My Mini-Museum                  














A piece of history: these two pictures date  from 1990 when a TV programm was   dedicated to my unique collection                                                                                       




An international  selection of long (stick) dice.                






                                        A colourful selection of modern 6-sided plastic dice


              A view on the collection in one of the show-cases.                                  


A nice selection of spinning tops on the middle row   





                                                                 All kinds of dice shapes.




Dice, dice cups and dice games from all over the world.                       


                          Nepalese dice for the langurburja game (Ivory and plastic)


Dice and games from all over the world



Two other show-cases containing dice dated  before 1950  and  made of all imaginable materials.



                                                                                                                                           In the middle a set of Ong Su Chian dice provided with Chinese characters      

                                                                                                                                                                                         found in Penang (Malaysia, not in China, thus different from what is indicated .


 A selection of long (or stick-) dice from all over the world. In the front: a set of

spectacular 3-sided dice especially made as a help for filling out your  football lotto form.


 A very spectacular recent addition to my collection of  long Indian dice: a complete Pachisi (mahabharat) game with 16 pawns and 2 long dice, all items are silver on wood!


The biggest die of my collection and a Chinese ivory set in bottle ( ivory) . The small red die is 16mm, so you can imagine (or calculate) how small my smallest dice are!!!!!!!!!!!

If you ever want to pay a visit to The Netherlands in order to go hunting DICE in The Hague, Delft, Leyden and Amsterdam (permanent markets) I can highly recommand you to stay on the nice rural camping (15 places) near to my place. It is called Camping Noorthey , website:  If you want to have a look in my mini museum as well I advise you to make an appointment with me beforehand.