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Spectacular news: My collection was recently (May 2018) bought by the Swiss Museum of Games (Musée Suisse du Jeu) in Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland where, after the renovation of the Museum Castle is completed, the complete collection will be on display on a permanent basis. Hopefully that will be the case somewhere in 2019.  


Since May 1, 2007 I have started (with enormous success) giving Presentations about Birth & Evolution of my 35 years old Dice Collection with all possible aspects relating to dice. In 25 years my collection reached more than 5000 different items. Hundreds of pictures are shown in combination with written and spoken text (in the Dutch language). The presentation takes about an hour (a short brake is recommanded).

In 2010 my third book (again in the Dutch language) was published:

Title : ' Dobbelen', Subtitle: met stip het leukste veelzijdige dobbelboek', it contains a lot of information about dice as well as more than 20 dice games. A set of 7 dice is included. This book is sold out.


For more information contact me at:  vd.heijdt@hccnet.nl 



     The magic die and me ......                                                                                                  


Want to look for dice in The Netherlands? This is my advice!

When you ever want to visit the Netherlands with your caravan or bungalow shelter and want to stay on a nice rural and  very quiet camping  (25 places) from where you can search for dice in the surroundings of  The Hague and Scheveningen (beach), Delft, Leyden and Amsterdam, I can highly recommand you the following one which is situated not far from my place:                                                       www.campingnoorthey.nl



 A spectacular article about theft prevention appeared in the Dutch journal "De Telegraaf".

"Dice as a weapon against theft by staff members". Before going home every staff member of  the Plus Benders Supermarkt in Venlo (a town in the Southern Netherlands) must throw a die. When throwing the number of the day he/she is forced to open his bags and to show possible payment proofs of any article he is going to take home (only valid for articles which are sold in the supermarkt). The result seems to be perfect.


                                                                                                                                                       entrance somewhere in the Périgord in France         


I draw your attention to the new "original European Valuta dice" and the new "Euro dice" sold separately and in combination with Games by Maxi Millennium: www.maximillennium.com or via his own email address: dbaidjoe@hotmail.com 

The price is € 1,25 piece. Discount for orders of 10 and more: € 1,00 piece. 2 dice together with a special card deck: € 4,00

Below you find some pictures of the very nice dice measuring about 3/4" or 2 cm.



                                         surprising publicity in Dutch Book Shop, normally the book is only available via Gopher Publishers and myself 




                                                                                                            Throw the dice and determine yourself the price reduction!



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