DICE  FOR  THE  TRADE          (last update of January 2015)

On this page you'll find a selection of my extras, which I would like to trade with my fellow dice collectors. 

My book "Face to face with dice" is kept separated from the dice trading.  (info regarding to my book can be found in : "English version".)

I am looking for: 

Original Peruvian dice, dice used by North American Indians or eskimos. 

Furthermore I still have no D9, D13, D15, D18

I also want dice which are typical for any country.  

When you have made your choice, please contact me by e-mail telling me what you can offer.







                        Above left: red and black: 100-sided    above middle: 2 lipton ice dice,  right: crown & anchor die

                        middle row right d6 (wood) with 2 times 1-2-3 in red pips

                        bottom row: all made of wood.     


         J         K              


         O             P      



    Q             R 

    dice  from Praag