Pen and Touch for Asus EeeSlate with eComStation.

May be freely used and exchanged, as long as it is not modified. You may use this product solely at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damages occurring due to your using this product. You may not lease, rent or sell this product to any other party. Have fun.

Description - Control eComStation with your finger or pen on an Asus EeeSlate.

Installation - Move EEESLATE.ZIP into some directory and unzip it. Copy EEESLATE.EXE, USBECD.SYS and XSMOUSE.SYS to your C:\OS2\BOOT directory. Look into your CONFIG.SYS file to determine which mouse device driver has been installed on your system. You may find AMOUSE.SYS or MOUSE.SYS and you need to add the STYPE=XSMOUSE$ parameter to that device driver statement and to insert the DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\XSMOUSE.SYS device driver statement just above it. Insert also the $FINGER$ and $STYLYS$ device driver statements and the RUN=C:\OS2\BOOT\EEESLATE.EXE statement as shown below:


After that restart your system and the fun begins.

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