• Rijksweg 15
    1785 PA  Den Helder

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  • fax: +31 87 78 43 186

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Drive to Den Helder, in the top of the province of Noord-Holland. From direction Alkmaar; keep driving along the Noord Hollands canal. From afsluitdijk/ Den Oever; cross the Noord Hollands canal by bridge and follow Den Helder/Texel. You are driving on the N250 along the Noord Hollands canal. Before you reach Den Helder you see an airport at your left side. Only a few hundred meters at your left is Enigma Zijspannen, by the mile-pole 115,1. You have to drive through for a  250 meters, go left and drive back along the bicycle-path. Parking can be done at the shoulder. The shop is behind the house, the coffee is (almost)ready!