Giesbers Models

Resin from Holand.

M29 and M29C Weasel

Familiar models, I hope.
Compared with the original models I made the windscreens and rudders thinner also I added a loose top for both models. I am happy that Jan has them now in production, as he can produce them in a much bigger quantity than I can.

AEC 10 Ton Heavy Artillery Tractor

Jan also did a limited run of this 1944 artillery tractor, the master was made by Mike Bell.
I do not know if it will be included in the Giesbers range, but I like this model so much that I want to add it to this page.

DAF amphibious car.

The DAF 139 amphibious car was under development for the Dutch army in 1939/40.
Only one prototype was made and tested, it seems it disappeared without a trace during the fighting in may 1940. Perhaps it is still hidden somewhere in a barn?

For more information goto:
Amphibious Vehicles of the World.

Marmon-Herrington T14 & T16

The masters for these two models were made by Andrew Crutchley, the only difference between the two versions is the location of the turret.
These tanks were originally ordered by the Netherlands Purchasing Commission but after Pearl Harbour the contracts were taken over by the US army. Although called the worst tank made in the USA they used it for a long time for training and security duties.

For more information goto:
Marmon-Herrington Hanno Spoelstra.


Together with Millicast's M19 AA vehicle and M41 Gorilla and Matchbox Chaffee tank this makes the light combat team based on the M24 Chaffee complete.

Although they were developed during WW II all vehicles except the Chaffee tank entered service to late to see action.

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