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My PSION programs
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Latest news:

13-08-2003: support petition to Psion Teklogix to include SYMBIAN OS on new netBook Pro!

28-06-2003: SAILLOG, an electronic logbook for sailors is out! (NEW)

28-06-2003: minor update of BIKLOG5 (version 3.2) is out!
Series 7 and netBook users will have now colour graphs and a colour icon on the screen!

23-12-2003: Version 2.2 of Atmos5 is out!. Now with conversions between equivalent and tru airspeed.

On this site you will find some of my programs written for the PSION organizers I own and intensively use. I started with the Series 3a in 1997, and bought a Series 5 in 1999. With the MAKO, a rebadged US clone of the REVO plus and a recently obtained netBook (or actually a Malaysian Mbook), I have now four PSION PDA´s.

Biklog written for the SERIES 3, SERIES 5 and Revo/Mako, is a small utility that will help bicyclist keep track of their bicycle rides and analyse their performance over a certain time. It started as an exercise on the programming capabitities of this neat machine. It grew to a more complete program in the 5 years of development, combining two of my hobbies bicycling and computing. See also here for some screenshots of the latest version

Atmos is just a small tool I am using as part of my professional activities as an aeronautical engineer. It computes the properties of the standard atmosphere.

SAILLOG is a small utility primarily intended to track your personal sailing experience, based on the Royal Yachting Asscociation´s paper logbooks and qualification requirements. If you own your own boat, SAILLOG will also allow you to log the cumulative miles and engine hours of your boat, and gives you a reminder when service intervals arise. If you charter your boat to a third party, these details can also be logged in the vessel record without affecting your personal sailing totals.

All programs are freeware and can be obtained by filling a form here . When you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please fill the form on my support page.

listed at www.symbianpages.com

netBook Support the Symbian OS option for the Psion Teklogix netBook Pro You may or may not be aware, but Psion Teklogix are to be releasing a successor to the netBook - the netBook Pro. Apparently, the new device will be supplied with Windows CE rather than the Symbian platform. However, a group of Psion users have got together to argue that although they totally understand that this will be the OS of choice for the target volume enterprise market for this product, as continuing power users of the existing netBook (and other Psion products) and advocates of the EPOC/Symbian it would be remiss of them not to put forward the case for offering the Symbian OS as option on the new machine.
They have drafted a petition in support of a Symbian OS option for the Psion Teklogix netBook and made it available for all Psion users to sign. This will then be sent to Psion Teklogix & Psion PLC. So, visit www.petitiononline.com/nbookpro/petition.html now and add your name to the growing number!

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