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Screen resolutions and browser software
All pages on my homepage are made with OS/2® - eComStation® on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. Today this is some kind of standard. All pages are published in HTML 4.01 Transitional standard with the aid of WebWriter/2 and tested on next systems;
  • Firefox®
  • Safari®
Through the use of standards it is expected that other browser programs will give similar results. I have noticed that the "doctype" declaration is of great importance for the compatibility with other browsers. The pages are tested with an offline validator and with W3C. Unfortunately this doesn't give any guarantee that pages are showed in a correct way. For some reason it seems NOT possible to develop such a system that any browser regardless brand or operating system does show exactly the same results. Special Internet Explorer demands lots of attention and Microsoft does have an other interpretation of the rules. The result of this all is that your pages are found to be correct in the validators and are showed correct with Mozilla, Firefox and Safari, but have problems with Internet Explorer. The problems with Internet Explorer are not from today but do exist for a long time. From the development of Internet Explorer version 5 up to today you can determine that Microsoft have no intention to meet the complaints.

Most pages on my site are amply provided with tables because there is no other neat universal way, some books and users are against. There is development in CSS, but up to now there are more problems and therefore disadvantages then advantages.

Under the header you see a grey bar with on the left side a flag. This is the entrance to the same page but in the language of the flag. My pages are limited to the Dutch and English languages. On the right side you find the icon for going to the main index of my homepage.

Navigation between pages is done with the following pictures;

go back This picture is used to go back from the example (page) to the previous page where you left it.

go to menu This picture is used to go back to the previous page or to a menu (index).

my other pages on the WWW This picture is used to go to my other pages on the WWW.

All information on my homepage is written out of mind with the aid of Webwriter/2 into HTML pages. Sometimes books, tables and notes gathered over the years were consulted. So it is possible that I literally quote something from a book without knowing so and also not on purpose. It is possible that through translation passages do exist in the same way in other publications. If you have trouble with that and you are the rightful claimant, please notify me and I will change or delete that part. You find my email address at the bottom of the main index. Please read the red line below my email address carefully.

My native is Dutch and that is different than your language. I don't need English in daily practice, so it might be a little "rusty". Do me a favour, let me know if something is wrong! You say things in an other way and of course it can't be found in the dictionary Dutch-English! Thanks!

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