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With the assistance of the emulator you can read and write data from a Psion Series 3a on a PC. For example with the emulator it is possible to update your agenda also on a PC. Or when you want to add lots of addresses you can do this with the emulator on the PC. Not all applications from the Series 3a run in the emulator. Programs which make use of floating point calculations or work with soundfiles can go wrong. Most of the applications do work well on the Series 3a emulator.

This screen shows the version number
       System requirements (not specified)
  • A PC (80386) with minimal 4Mb memory.
  • VGA videocard.
  • Harddisk with about 2Mb free space.
  • The emulator works alone with DOS (it will not work with Windows, OS2 or Desqview).

See for more information and installation tips the page "About Psion emulators".

This screen shows the helpscreen in the Dutch language
The licence agreement for allowing distribution of the zipfile below can be read here.

Download (782Kb)

For the Dutch emulator is a Dutch keyboard available (keyboardcode 143) with a well documented layout (in Dutch of course ;-)). The file EPOC.DLL from the distribution above must be replaced by the file EPOC.DLL from Rename first the original EPOC.DLL to EPOC.ORG or something similar. In this way you can always restore the orignal system.

Download (versie 1.3) (73Kb)


The Series 3a emulator Dutch language does have a small difference with the other Series 3a emulators. As you can see in the screen with information about language and version number, the version number of the Series 3a Dutch emulator is set at 1.10f. This doesn't matter unless your program is testing on version number. Version 1 stands for Series 3 (classic). This means that a number of programs doesn't work well or at all. Known programs are for instance Installer.

The pictures above are made with the settings below which are the standard setup for HHSERVER.PAR;
	SERVER_DUMP server.dmp
The maximum possible settings are equal to the dimensions of a standard VGA screen;
	SERVER_DUMP server.dmp

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