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Picture of the MZ-700. No, it didn't come with the monitor!

If you haven't got a clue what a Sharp MZ-700 is, then I suggest you buzz off.

If however you are (or, for whatever reason, want to become) familiar with this old 8-bit computer, then please select a subject:

One of the many 'home computers' from the 1980s, an era in which the amount of internal memory was measured in kilobytes. What did the MZ-700 exactly have in store, and what were its pros and cons, compared to contemporary machines?
There's an MZ-700 hidden inside every PC. Here is the program to unleash it, and it's for free!
Other sites on the internet about the MZ-700, with information, pictures, emulators...

I bought this machine in December 1983 at the Makro, a well-known wholesale house in Delft (The Netherlands). I paid 823 guilders for the set without plotter/printer, a reasonable price at that time for a computer with 64kb of memory. Too bad I had to buy the manual separately for 55 guilders!

Although I soon found out that most of my friends had superior machines (mainly Commodore 64), the Sharp MZ-700 offered me many hours of pleasure, both with programming and playing games.

Although I have moved on to the PC scene a long time ago, I still like to look back at the 'good old days' every now and then. (Well, good old days... I'm glad we no longer have to load our programs from tape.) In a burst of nostalgia, I wrote an emulator that could capture everything I liked in the MZ-700 on a PC's screen. So now I can play all those crappy old games without ever having to rewind another cassette tape again! :-)