English Nederlands Sharp MZ-700   -   Specifications

Make Japan, 1982 or 1983; reaching Europe in 1983.
CPU Z80A at 3.5 MHz.
Memory 64kb main memory (D-RAM),
4kb video RAM (S-RAM),
4kb monitor program ROM,
4kb character set ROM.
Video Text mode 40×25, 8 colors.
Fixed set of 512 characters (8×8 pixels).
No graphics mode.
Output for TV (Europa: PAL) and monitor (RGB and composite).
Sound 8253 timer, built-in speaker (max. output 0.5W).
Equals a PC speaker: mono, single voice, block wave only.
Keyboard QWERTY, 69 keys (including separate cursor control keys and 5 function keys).
Built-in devices Tape recorder (optional),
color plotter/printer (optional).
I/O ports External printer, external tape recorder, two analogue joysticks, expansion I/O bus (Z80 bus).

  • Reliable.
  • Real keyboard.
  • Excellent manual.
  • Good BASIC interpreter; other programming languages available.
  • Simpel architecture, making it easy to program, even in assembler and down to hardware level.
  • Built-in tape recorder. Could be replaced by a QuickDisk unit.
  • Compatible with its predecessor, the MZ-80K.
  • Limited graphical capabilities, poor sound. Bad news especially for games developers!
  • Few really good software titles.
  • BASIC interpreter on tape, not in ROM.
  • Expansions were expensive at first (even the manual!).