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ExpandLib File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Expander.cpp [code]An example file that makes use of ExpandLib
expandlib-cmd-abbr.h [code]Headerfile for the 'abbr' command
expandlib-cmd-bpad.h [code]Headerfile for the 'bpad' command
expandlib-cmd-btrunc.h [code]Headerfile for the 'btrunc' command
expandlib-cmd-fpad.h [code]Headerfile for the 'fpad' command
expandlib-cmd-ftrunc.h [code]Headerfile for the 'ftrunc' command
expandlib-cmd-if.h [code]Headerfile for the 'if' command
expandlib-cmd-knownvars.h [code]Headerfile for the 'knownvars' command
expandlib-cmd-lower.h [code]Headerfile for the 'lower' command
expandlib-cmd-ltrim.h [code]Headerfile for the 'ltrim' command
expandlib-cmd-numvars.h [code]Headerfile for the 'numvars' command
expandlib-cmd-rtrim.h [code]Headerfile for the 'rtrim' command
expandlib-cmd-trim.h [code]Headerfile for the 'trim' command
expandlib-cmd-unknownvars.h [code]Headerfile for the 'unknownvars' command
expandlib-cmd-upper.h [code]Headerfile for the 'upper' command
expandlib-cmd.h [code]Headerfile for the (abstract) command base class
expandlib-exceptions.h [code]Headerfile for the exceptions that can be thrown by expandlib
expandlib-expandable.h [code]The most important header, it contains the expandable template class
expandlib-results.h [code]Headerfile for the expandresults class, used to keep track of the expand operation (how many vars were expanded, etc.)
expandlib-vartype-bool.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_bool' vartype (a boolean)
expandlib-vartype-date.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_date' vartype (a date)
expandlib-vartype-list.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_list' vartype (a list comprised of other expvartype's)
expandlib-vartype-numeric-traits.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_numeric' traits
expandlib-vartype-numeric.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_numeric' vartype (a number)
expandlib-vartype-text.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_text' vartype (a simple string)
expandlib-vartype-time.h [code]Headerfile for the 'expvartype_time' vartype (a time)
expandlib-vartype.h [code]Headerfile for the (abstract) vartype base class

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