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This is the personal home page of Albert van der Horst.

I was born in 1948. I am slim, a reasonable piano player, a slightly more than reasonable organ player, a good swimmer, an fanatic dancer, a second kyu aikidoka, a dan grade programmer in quite a few languages, (winner in the Obfuscated C Contest in 1992) and I have this Miami Vice poney tail. I have degrees in mathematics, electronics and theoretical physics. (If you do not know about martial arts: second kyu is blue belt, a dan grade means black belt)
Well these personal things are not too interesting. Let me try to tell you a few things you may be interested and in and maybe not know.


Are you interested in

Some Politics

This is not keeping my promise. Quite some personal things come into play, like my grandfather. But it is about politics all right. Patents petition

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