Plans: I downloaded them from, completely free. They are in a PDF file, with drawings and step-by-step instructions. Measurements in inches or millimeters.


Other Documentation: I downloaded The Epoxy Book from, contains lots of very usefull info if you haven’t worked with epoxy before. Because I used WEST System Epoxy (System 3 is not available in Europe), I also requested the WEST Technical Manual at, which was sent to me (free) by airmail.

the documentation for this project


Internet: has a message board, where questions from builders are answered by their Tech. Support people and other (amateur) builders. I hung out there quite a while and got answers to almost any question by simply browsing and searching the board.


Plywood: After having determined which plywood to use, it took a while to find a company in my neighborhood that was willing to bring the sheets to my home. One large wood wholesale didn’t want to bring them because two sheets wasn’t enough for a delivery… Fortunately I found Buijs Bouw- en Houthandel in Oostzaan, they delivered the Okoume Exterior (WBP) sheets at home for a very fair price.


Epoxy & Glass: WEST System stuff bought at a local Marine store (Dekker Watersport).


Other stuff (wood, sandpaper, tools, etc.): All came from the local DIY-store.