Welcome to this website.  Please enjoy this ‘Making of’ story of my Wood-epoxy canoe.


After having sold my last boat (Waarschip 570, a 19’ plywood sailing yacht) in 2001, I wanted to build a small boat myself. I have been looking around on Internet for a while searching an easy canoe or kayak design. I came across www.bateau.com, and found the free plans for a cheap canoe from Jacques Mertens. The design is simple but very well thought-out. It is built using the Stitch & Glue method.



I’ve never worked with epoxy and glass before, but I figured building this canoe would be perfect to gain some experience (and it did). So I downloaded the plans and built my own canoe!


Please enjoy my story of the building and lots of pictures. Clicking on some of the pictures will show larger versions. (Return to the original size using the [Back]-button of your browser.)