Webport@l to computer software sites

F o u r    l i n k s    t o    i m p o r t a n t    s i t e s:

Internet info

Product sites

7-zip Freeware zipper (ZIP, Gzip, ARJ, RAR)
ACDSee Image viewer
Aladdin Software Security
Allaire Cold Fusion Studio, Homesite
AND Publishers
Artisoft lan software
Ascit data encryption
Attachmate Extra! connectivity
Autodesk AutoCAD
Babylon translator program
Banyan Vines
Bullet Proof FTP
Castanet Tuner
Cheyenne or CA / Cheyenne Arcserve
Citrix Winframe and MetaFrame
Componentsource NT components
Computer Associates
Corel/Word or Corel Knowledge base
Citydisc townmaps NL
DataViz file conversion programs
Davilex Software
Deerfield WinGate
dBase 2000 dBase 3 compatible
Delphi Program language Borland
Digital InfoWorks
Domus TLC
Easy Disc
Emtec ZOC communication software
Euromap Easy Travel routeplanner NL
Execsoft Diskeeper
Extention search for file extentions
Filemaker Pro database
Fine Print Print utils
Free Software
Fries Comp. Bedrijf PowerBasic (MS-dos/Windows)
GhostScript General PostScript driver
Groove Networks Transceiver (peer to peer software)
Harbinger Communication software
Hilgraeve Communication software
Hotline peer to peer file transfer
Hummingbird Communicatons
links to FAX solutions related WWW sites
links to IBM´s WWW and ftp sites
links to sites with Internet related stuff
IMSI WinDelete, Hijaak
Informix database (since April 2001 IBM)
Inprise Corp. Borland and Visigenic
Inso QuickView Plus
Intergraph eXalt connectivity
ION-IP Application Performance solutions
Ipworks tool for IP address management
Int. Softw. Solutions Remote Services Mgnt
Jasc Paint Shop Pro; since 2006 part of Corel
links to Java related WWW sites
The MathWorks, Inc
Maximux BBS software
MicroProse Formule 1, etc.
NCD Windows terminals
Network Associates network tools
NetObjects Fusion (Website builder)
Novastor backup prg's
Novell (techn.support, files, patches)
Novell NDS Deployment and Integration guide
Numega Devpartner Studio 6
Opalis Managementtools for NT
Pacific Image Communications
PC Board BBS software
PKware Data Compression
PointCast since 2000 Entrypoint
PowerQuest harddisk tools
Pretty Good Privacy
Progress Software Java dev. kit Apptivity
QEMU PC emulator
Quarterdeck (Symantec)
QuickTime Apple
RagTime Solo freeware DTP prg
Rar archieves zipper
Rogue Wave Software MFC extensions
RSA Security
RVS Datentechnik RVS-COM Lite
Scala Multimedia
Scan Soft Scan utilities
SCO unix since August 2000 Caldera (Open Unix)
Seagate software Backup Exec
SoftQuad Hotmetal HTML editor
StuffIt zip-program
Superscape 3D viewer
Superior Search replaces Windows search functionality
Sygate LAN software
Symark Software (NL) Winternals software tools
Sysinternals NTFS for Windows 9X (freeware)
Systran translator program
Tools for Windows (Simac - NL)
Trados translator program
Trianova Mail Master (E-mail server)
Trumpet Winsock
Ulead Photo software (now a Corel division)
Ultimate Zip freeware zipper like Winzip
USoX: Used Software Exchange
Visio (Microsoft)
VisualCron scheduler - planner (freeware)
Visualroute pingtracert WhoIS
Webwasher anti banner software
Westwood Studio's
IndusSoft Techn. WinSQL - SQL for ODBC databases (freeware)
WRQ Reflection!
X-Cat Industries a lot of freeware utilities

· Databases:
Firebird freeware
MySQL freeware/open source
Oracle or Oracle technet
PostgreSQL freeware/open source
SAP DB freeware/open source
SQLite small C library for a SQL database engine (open source)
Sybase Powerbuilder, database

· Datarecovery software:
PC Inspector file recovery freeware
Photorec freeware
Ontrack Easy Data Recovery and Easy Recovery Pro
O&O Disk recovery
O&O UnErase
Piriform freeware
R-tools technology R Studio
Runtime software GetDataBack

· Desktop migration:
Desktop DNA
PC transplant Pro
Tranxport Prof.

· Desktop search engine:
Ask Desktop Search (freeware)
Copernic Desktop Search (freeware)
Google Desktop (freeware)
Windows Desktop Search (freeware)
Yahoo Desktop (freeware)

· eBook readers:
Glassbook reader
Microsoft Reader
Rocket eBook

· Network control programs:
DU Meter
Mobile Net Switch switch the network setting of your PC
MyVitalagent (freeware)
NetSpeed (freeware)
SmartSniff network sniffer (freeware)
The Dude (freeware)

· Office suites:
Gobe Productive
Lotus SmartSuite
Microsoft MS-Office
Nedit Office software for Linux
Open Office freeware
Software602 PC suite (freeware)
Star Office Free Office Suite
ThinkFree Office
WordPerfect Corel-Office

· On line office suites:
Ajax write
Google docs and speadsheets
Thinkfree Office

· PDF creators:
Adobe Acrobat
CutePDF Writer freeware
PDF Creatorof PDF Creator freeware
PDF995 freeware
PDF Producer txt2pdf (freeware)
The PDF toolkit PDF Forum for Users and Programmers
Sanface Visual txt2pdf convertor

· PDF readers:
Acropdf freeware; speeds up the start of Acrobat
Foxit reader freeware

· Portable (windows) software (runs on a USB stick):
Abi Word Text editor, same as Word
Foxit reader PDF reader - freeware
John Haller Fireforx, Thunderbird, NVU, Sunbird, OpenOffice
No Install collection
Portableapps collection
PortableFreeware collection
Pstart Start menu USB stick
Tinyapps collection
USB space

· Remote Access software:
Computer Associates ControlIt
Danware Data NetOp
Laplink.com (formely Traveling) Laplink, PCSync
Netopia Timbuktu
Peregrine Systems Service Management programs
Remote Utilities
SpartaCom CoSession
Symantec pcAnywhere
VNC (overview and VNC versus VPN) Virtual Network Computing or Tight VNC (freeware) or UltraVNC (open source)

· Screencam recorders:
Camtasia Studio
Rendersoft Camstudio freeware
WinCam 2000

· Sound editors:
Maz-Sound Tools site for sound tools
Sonic Soundforce
Syntrillium CoolEdit

· Virtualisation software
Bochs open source
KVM linux kernel extention (open source)
Microsoft Virtual PC
Microsoft Virtual Server (2005)
Parallels Workstation
Qemu freeware
OpenVZ Open Source, based on Linux + Virtuozzo
VirtualBox freeware
VMware Workstation. Player and Server are freeware
XEN source open source

Internet Security and Firewall software

   Security and firewall software

Audio, video and DVD software + add-on's

   Audio and DVD software + add-on's

CD/DVD writer programs

   CD writer software + add-on's

Application integration

· Application servers:
Bea Systems Weblogic
IBM Websphere
JBoss Jboss (freeware/open source); since 2006: Redhat
Microsoft .Net
Oracle Oracle 9i/10i
Sun Microsystems iPlanet

· Integration Brokers:
IBM MQSeries Integrator
Microsoft Bizztalk
SeeBeyond eBusiness Integration Suite
Tibco Active
Vitria BusinessWare
webMethods webMethods Integration Platform


Ascit Thunderstore AntiViral Toolkit Pro
Avast! (freeware)
BitDefender Antivirus, formerly AntiVirus eXpert
Computer Associates eTrust
Central Command Software Command AntiVirus
Clam Anti Virus Open Source
Crypsys Data Security (macro virussen)
Data Alert (NL) dr. Solomon
Dr. Web
Esafe or Esafe (NL) EliaShim/Aladdin
Finjan Software using behaviour monitoring technology
F prot
F secure
Grisoft AVG anti-virus system or Grisoft (freeware version)
H+BEDV Datentechnik, GMBH AntiVir
H+BEDV Datentechnik (free) Personal Edition of AntiVir
IBM Anti Virus
Ikarus Die Klinik
InSoft Dr. Web
Kaspersky Labs or Kaspersky Labs Kaspersk Anti-Virus (AVP)
McAfee since August 2010 part of Intel
Message labs email scanning services
MicroWorld Software eScan
MicroWorld Software MWAV (freeware); runs without installation
Norman Virus Control
Panda software Panda Antivirus Platinum
PCtools Antivirus freeware
dr. Solomon
Sophos Anti-Virus
Symantec Norton Antivirus
Trend Virus Control System Trend Micro
ZenOK Free Antivirus

· online scanners:
RAV Antivirus
Symantec Security Check

· others:
Eicar (European Institute of Comp. Anti virus Research) virus test files
NCSA/ICSA list of certified antivirus prg's
Nepwaarschuwing (NL)
Otto von Guericke university virus tests
Security (NL)
Symantec SARC
Virus alerts info and newsletters
Virus alert (NL) info and newsletters
Waarschuwingsdienst Dutch Government alert site
Wildlist Organisation Complete Viruslist

Crack and hack

Astalavista Find serial numbers
Astaserials Find serialnumbers
Crack.ru Find serialnumbers
Crack Azoid
Crack startpagina a lot of links
Crack Search Engine
Crash and Burn
Dzoni & keymaster list of serial numbers
Dutch Security Info Network
Elite Toplist United Cracking Force
Flash.demons hackpage
Forensics (NL) computer crime (technology)
Free Money
Global Hacking Alliance
Hackers online
The Hackers Zone
Johnny general info
't Klaphek
Lost password
Lucky's World Serial numbers
SerialVista Find serialnumbers
Servisco Serial Killer
The Crack database with serialno's
Vinni's Homepage


Data Warehousing Institute
Datawarehouse Forum (PingNetworks.com)
IntelliBusiness Datawarehousing online
Larry Greenfield
Olap Council
Olap Report

Dutch dealers, shops, etc. (NL)

2 Support - Nieuwegein Internet tools
CD & E - Amstelveen utilities, shareware and websoftware
Computercollectief - Amsterdam
Data Result security software solutions
DSA Software - Capelle a/d IJssel
DTS - Meppel development tools
Functional IT - Nieuwegein NT tools
Harbour - Breda
Inmac - Amsterdam mailorder
Interdata - Rotterdam NT software
Kenfil - Amstelveen
Logicsoft - A'dam mailorder
Mensys - Haarlem OS/2 and Linux software
Misco formely 06-software-A'dam
Nr 1 Software - Amstelveen
Onsight - Arnhem Management tools
Pegasus Software - Geldrop
Portland Distribution
Promate - Waardenburg
Stone BV - Utrecht Linux software
Teledirekt - Alblasserdam
The Owl's Nest - Soest
Scos Internet software
S.H.A.R.K. - Lisse
Wins - Hillegom NT/2000 tools, comm.- and security software

Papers, etc.

BYTE Magazine (USA)
Electr. Developpers Magazine for OS/2
Java paper
Linux Journal
Newsbytes Top Stories
Overview all kind of ezines
PC Plus (UK)
Visual C Developers magazine
Windows NT magazine
ZDnet PC Computing Online
ZDnet PC Magazine Online
ZDnet Windows Sources
· Dutch papers:
Automatisering Gids
Computer Idee
Computer Partner for ICT resellers
C't magazine
Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf
Hobby Computer Club
LAN magazine
Link online
Net Homepage
PC Active, Link en CompuKids
PC Dealer paper for resellers
PC Info Online
PC Magazine
VNU Business Publications
Webwereld news site and e-magazine


Academic Service (NL)
Addison-Wesley Longman (NL)
A.W. Bruna (NL) Informatica
Easy Computing
MCP Encyclopedia of Computing
Sams publishing
Sybex (USA)
Wiley Computer Publishing

Programming site's

Code Guru
Dr. Bob programming clinic All Borland SDK's
Decompiler VB3, Clipper and Java
Hexplorer Hex editor
Interbron portal for open source developers
Koders search engine for programming code
Links on Objects & Components
Mathtools.com products for Mathtools and others
Perl Institute
Perl Language Homepage
Planet Source Code large public source code database
Programmer's Heaven
Software Development Online
Star Office (Sun) Free Office Source
Source Exchange Open Source Development
Sysinternals advanced utilities for Win NT/9x
The Many Languages of IT Programming general overview

· C and C++ related sites:
Developer City Free C/C++ compilers
C++ info and links to virtual libraries
C++ Freeware GNU C++ cross compiler
Visual C++ Developers Journal

· Clipper and xBase related sites:
Clip-4-Win creates true Windows EXE files
Clipper Programming Solutions
Free Clipper programming tools
Harbour a free clipper compatible compiler
The Oasis Clipper Source source code archive

· Code development:
CVS - Concurrent Versions System software version management
Doxygen documentation system

· Delphi and Pascal related sites:
The Delphi Source
Free Pascal complete Pascal compiler
Pascal site of Klaus Hartnegg
Torry.net Delphi developers library

· Open Source Development sites:
Codeproject free source code and tutorials
Eclipse Open Source IDE
ODSL Open Source Development Lab
Source Forge
Sun source web portal

OpenLessons (NL) open source related manuals and courses

Skins for PC programs

Skins for Linux

Test programs for PC's

3D Mark or 3D Mark (3D video test)
3D Mark06
ATI tool video card test
Bapco SysMark (system test)
Benchmark Insider info about benchmarks
Everest Home formely Aida32; system information
Fresh Diagnose system information prg (freeware)
Quake 3
SiSoft Sandra
Spec (Standard Preformance Evaluation Corp.)
TestaCD Labs HDTach (harddisk)

General info site's

Object Management Group info about Corba, UML, CWM, MDA
Open Source Group
Rosetta Stone all commands for Unix like operating systems
Software pakketten (NL)

Atari ST/Falcon

Atari Computers Germany
Atari World
Emulators on Atari
Software archive
ST (Dutch magazin)


All ISO CD images of Linux distibutions
Desktop Linux
· Distribution kit:
Damn Small linux small kit (about 50 Mb)
Feather linux (for installation on USB; 65 Mb)
Fedora (Red Hat)
IPCop (especially firewall)
Red Hat
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server or openSuSE (open source) since November 2003 part of Novell
Ubuntu Linux
VA Linux
Walnut Creek
X-box linux making a Linux PC of your Xbox
Ximian Linux Desktop
· Linux , bootable from USB stick:
Bonzai linux
Damn Small linux
Feather linux
Pendrive linux
Plop linux
· Linux Live CD kit:
Live CD list overview of live cd's

Damn Small Linux 50 Mb; based on Knoppix
Dyne Bolic special for Internet Radio / Video
GRML 60-700Mb ISO, special for system management
InsertCD 50 Mb with a lot of security and rescue prg's
Knoppix based on Debian
Monoppix with .NET voor Linux, UNIX and Windows
Virtual Linux based on Mandrake
· Hardware support of Linux:
Linux and laptops
Modem drivers
Network cards
Printer drivers
USB support
· Other Linux stuff:
ACME Labs Software a lot of freeware programs
Apache freeware Web server
Caldera OpenLinux and OpenDOS
ClarkConnect ClarkConnect Community - business server
Collax Collax business server
CygWin Linux, running under Windows
Dutch Linux User Group
Dutch Unix User Group
Dutch Unix Group; part of HCC
FAQ Linux Kernel
Gnome desktop
GNU & Free Software Foundation
Horde webmail, agenda and address book
Howto's for Linux
KDE desktop and KDE Office
Kernel documentation
Kernel.org Linux kernel
Kernel.org FTP site for Linux kernel
Linspire formely Lindows. Windows look-a-like for Linux
Linux General Linux information
Linux links
Linux Official Linux Homepage
Linux Software Map
Linux Startpagina a lot of Linux related links
LinuxApps Applications overview
LinuxDevices Embedded Linux Portal
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Gazette free online paper
Linux Journal
Linux RPM's
Linux software Dutch mirror site
Linux Terminal Server Project
NSA (National Security Agency) Linux protection and security
Paragon NTFS driver for Linux
Postfix email
Software archive for Linux
SAL (Scientific Applic. on Linux)
Samba file and printer system
SME Server business server (freeware)
Squid proxy
TransGaming WineX ( = DirectX API for Linux)
Webmin system management
VMware Windows emulator
WordPerfect for Linux
Ximian Evolution, Outlooks for Linux
X Window managers for Linux
Xfce desktop small desktop
X Windows info and utilities


Dos only
DR-Dos or DR-Dos or DR-Dos
Free software for Dos
Garbo PC Archieve
MS-DOS Software
Super Dos Homepage


Best of OS/2
LEO - OS/2 Archive
Mensys - Haarlem (NL)
OS/2 Internet Applications Page
OS/2 Shareware BBS
OS/2 Starter kit for beginners
OS/2 SuperSite The Best of OS/2 Software
OS/2 Usergroup HCC NL
OS/2 Usergroup HCC NL Club paper
PC Square-home (IBM Personeels Club)
OS/2 Switchboard more than 800 links
OS2Ware.com Software for OS/2
OS/2 Warp (IBM)

links to many IBM´s WWW and ftp sites

Other operating systems

BeOS or BeOS A (Macintosh like) OS for Mac and PC (since 2001 Palm)
Compaq Tru64 unix
Emulators or Emulators Unlimited
FreeBSD Unix
Free GEM
Free operating systems several types
NewDeal Inc. formely GeoWorks
NS Basic Corp. Palm development tool
Oncore Systems RealTime Operating System
RealTime Operating Systems
SCO unix since August 2000 Caldera (Open Unix)
T-Engine forum
QNX An (Unix like) realtime OS for PC
Windows CE online

· virtual PC and emulators:
CoLinux Linux, running on WindowsXP/2000
CygWin Linux emulator for Windows
Virtual PC Microsoft
Wine MS-Dos/Windows emulator fro Linux (Open Source)

Palm software

Free Palm
Palmclub (NL)

Psion software

Pocket Info a lot of freeware
Psionking a lot of freeware

Proxi servers and Internet sharing

aVirt GatewaySuite (mail and proxy server)
Computalynx Cproxy
Grok NetProxy
Itserv RideWay
Jana proxy (freeware)
Portland Wingate
Proxyplus Proxy+ (freeware for 3 users)
Radware Cache Server Director
Redrock NetNow
Startech StarTech
Winproxy (USA - Ositis)
Winproxy (CZ - LANproject)

· Internet Connection Sharing programs:
E-Smith for Red-Hat linux (freeware)
Freesco (freeware)
Internet Share AllBoard!
Share The Net
Sygate Techn. Sygate
Winroute WinroutePro and WinrouteLite

General software sites

Binaries4All (NL)
Botbi.com most popular applications for Windows
Bugs in Software
Completely Free Software
Computer help and services
Download.com CNET
Download Astro.com software collection
File Dudes
Filez Z place for filez
Find software online
Free Stuffer a lot of freeware programs
Gamelan the official Java site
Gratissoftwaresite.nl overview of freeware programs
Netwerk Gebruikers Groep (NL)
Oldversion.com old versions of freeware and shareware
Open Source Software Lab (NL) a lot of Open Source software
PC Operating Systems
ProgramURL.com the ultimate resource
ServerWatch All kind off server software
Shareware.com archive CNET
Shareware junkies.com archive
Software Center
Sofotex Software downloads
Tipworld's tip of the day
Tucows Int. or Tucows - NL
Tudogs Ultimate site of gratis Software
Ultimate driver site logon: Drivers; pw: All
Virtual Shareware Library
The Virtual Software Library CNet
The Windows Sources
Windows95 prof. hint of the week
Windows NT FAQ
WinDriver hardware, software
www 32bit archive

Windows 9x/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7 problem solutions

Annoyances Solutions for problems
Bootdisk.com tweaks, files, utilities and other information
DLL files a lot of DLL files for Windows
Kelly Korner XP register tweaks
Nirsoft A lot of nice freeware utilities
PC Decrapifier remove preinstalled trial software from a new PC
Sysinternals nice small utilities
Sysinfo info about register start entries
Windows bugfixes and patches
Windows Help
Windows Tracker latest drivers and software
Windows 98 alternative service pack Dutch version
Windows 98 alternative service pack English version
XP FSE XP home - File security extention (freeware)

Managing and tuning Windows

· Backup and recovery:
Cheyenne (CAI) Arcserve
CreActive Desaster Recovery Tool
Clone Maxx (freeware)
DTA (Disk & Tape archiving)
Harbour (Dealer NL)
HP or HP Omniback
HyperQ Q-Winsafe (configuratie backup utility)
Iolo utilities
Legato Networker
Norton Utilities
Polderbackup freeware
PowerQuest Drive Image
Stac NTserver and Netware backup
Storage Company (Dealer NL)
SyncBack via shares or FTP (freeware)
SyncToy synchonizes directories (freeware)
Veritas (Seagate Software) Backup Exec
VT Rescue 95

· Bootmanager:
GRUB Open source
Partition Magic/Boot Magic Norton
System Commander VCom

· Cleanup and uninstall:
Auslogics BoostSpeed (one-stop computer optimization tool)
Add/Remove Cleaner
CCleaner cleans your PC (freeware)
Clean System directory
CleanSweep Quarterdeck/Symantec
Easy uninstaller freeware
Disk CleanUp
Easy Clean Bernd Klaiber
McAfee Uninstaller de Luxe (=CyberMedia)
MyUninstaller (NirSoft) (freeware)
PC-Decrapifier (freeware - removes preinstalled software)
RegCleaner (freeware)
RegScrubXP Clean your Register; freeware
Remove-It Quarterdeck/Symantec
Smart Cleaner
Uninstall de Luxe Norton (Symantec)
WinDelete Imsi
Window Washer cleaner

· Disc cloning:
True Image Acronis
Drive Backup Paragon
DriveCopy Powerquest (now Norton/Symantec)
Drive Image XML Runtime Software) (freeware)
Drive Snapshot Tom Ehlert
Exact Image Paragon
ImageCast Innovative Software
Norton Ghost Norton/Symantec
Norton Save & Restore Norton
R-Drive Image R-Tools Technology

· Other programs:
AutoStreamer make a slip stream-CD for XP (freeware)
Chaos Customizer Chaos Computer Apps
Coolmon Monitor for your PC and network
Customizer IMA Info Consult
Fast Defrag Memory defragmentation (freeware)
First De Luxe Cybermedia
Fix It Utilities Mijenix
FreeMem Meikel Weber
Fresh UI tweak tool for your Windows
InfoPro Eastern Digital Inc.
More Properties Imaginary Software
PC Config Holin Datatechnik
Protected Storage Passview Shows all stored passwords of your PC (freeware)
Rain Leading Wintech
Real Help Quarterdeck/Symantec
Sandra Sisoft SiSoftware
Set Me Up Omniquad
Startup Genie control what programs run at system startup
SwapMon FlipTech Int.
System Scanner 98 D&L Computing Inc.
Tweaki JerMar Software
Tweak XP Totalidea Software
Waterfall Pro Leading Wintech
WinConfig TD Software
WinHacker Wedge Software
Winfiles Windows software
Windows Drivers
WinSettings Pacific Gold Coast Corp.

· Partition managers:
Aefdisk Shareware
FIPS Freeware
Partition Commander V Communications
PartitionExpert Acronis
Partition-It Quarterdeck/Symantec
Partition Magic PowerQuest (now Symantec)
Partition Manager Paragon/PTS
Partition manager Ranish (freeware)

· System monitor programs:
CPU-Z processor information
Everest Home formely Aida32; system information
File Monitor System Internals
Hardware Sensors Monitor AB software
HDD Health SMART hard disc information
Motherboard Monitor
Speedfan system monitor

· Tune-up:
98 lite remove IE from Windows 98
MZ tweak ultimate tweaker
PC Tune-up
Performance 9x BonAmi Software
Remove XP-Messenger
Tune-up your pc general info
XP-AntiSpy block sending personal info to Microsoft

· Utility Suite:
Checkit Suite Checkit, NetOptimizer, Fastmove, Zip Utilities
Norton System Works Norton Utilities, AntiVirus, CleanSweep, Crashguard
McAfee Office AntiVirus, Nuts & Bolts, First Aid, Uninstaller; since August 2010 part of Intel

· Windows explorer:
2x Explorer (freeware)
Dunes MultiMedia WinNc Pro
Ghisler Total Commander
Nico Coppen Nico's Commander
Team Mukippe FileMaster Pro (freeware)
Vcom products Powerdesk (freeware)

Managing and tuning Windows NT/2000/XP/Windows 7

· Tuning:
Diskeeper or Diskeeper Defragmentation tool
O&O Software Defrag4
Raxco Software PerfectDisk (defragmentation tool)
· Cache programs:
SuperSpeed.com Supercache/Superdisk
· others:
Frequently Asked Questions
NT admin
Systems Internals

Nice tools

LanSpeed2 Incomming and outgoing Lan traffic
Nirsoft A lot of nice freeware utilities
SpyBuddy log the things, that are done on your PC
Sysinternals nice small utilities
WinPatrol which programs are running on your PC

Bootable CD's for PC rescue jobs

911 Rescue online creation of a recue CD
Bart's PE Builder based on Windows XP light
EBcd DOS and/or Linux based
Knoppix GNU Freeware, based on Debian

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