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Occasionaly I run 'Battle of the Goths' tournaments between 10x8-capable WinBoard engines, on the computer I use for Chess-engine development and testing. The tournament in progress can be observed through a Javascript live Chess viewer, by clicking this link to my Chess PC (which I configured as an HTTP server). If the link doesn't work, it probably means that the PC is switched off, or that I switched off the server because I am running something else on it.

Some tourneys that have already finished:
TT5 a Test tourney of 10-min games.
TOT1 Time-odds tourney of 36-min games (but 12, 4, 1:30 0:40 or 0:24 for some).
General 10x8 Championship A 55'+5" tournament over 5 different opening setups.
The Knightmate Challenge 2008 A 40/12' time-odds tournament for the Chess variant Knightmate.

Battle of the Goths tournament conditions

Hardware: Core 2 Duo (E6600) 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 2 x 250MB hard disk.

Software used: PSWBTM, WinBoard_F, LGTBL, Abyss Web Server.

Conditions: 128MB hash (max), no tablebases.

Upcoming tournament (TOT1):
Round robin with 2 games per pairing.
nominal time control 36'+0 (for those playing without time odds).
Games start from several opening positions: Capablanc, Gothic, Bird, Carrera, Embassy, or other CRC or fantasy setups.

These initial positions are currently set up in the engines by feeding them moves from the gothic position (a kludge to accomodate TSCP-G). The ChessLive! viewer does not show that, but they do appear in the PGN file. So ignore all initial moves there that don't have depth/score annotations: they were not made by the engines.

Participants (all WinBoard 10x8 enines):

Engine name Author
1. ArcBishop80 Matthias Gemuh
2. BigLion80 Matthias Gemuh
3. Chancellor Matthias Gemuh
4. Fairy-Max H.G. Muller
5. Joker80 H.G. Muller
6. Smirf Reinhard Scharnagl
7. TJchess10x8 Tony Hecker
8. TSCP Gothic Michel Langeveld / Tom Kerrigan

Note that this website is experimental, and still under construction. The currently running tournament is for testing purposes only.


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