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BIG VU, the BioInformatics Group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is an informal discussion group of all scientists at the Vrije Universiteit and VU Medical Centre with an interest in bioinformatics

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Advantages :

Informal: friendly, open discussion
Lots of time to discuss each subject
Interdisciplinary: computer scientists, mathematicians, chemists, biologists and medical scientists meet
It is at most a short walk across campus to meet all interested individuals


Monthly meeting on Monday at 15:00 hours
We aim at one meeting per 4 weeks. 
Meeting lasts 1 1/2 hour
With two speakers and ample time for discussion
One theme, two speakers
We aim for one theme for each meeting, with two speakers approaching the theme from different angles

Program of meetings

Click here for next meeting's program

Click here for program of the first meeting

Becoming a member

Send an e-mail to Hans van Beek, the group's organizer, to be included in the mailing list.

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You can contact me by e-mail at jhgm.van.beek@mdw.vu.nl.
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