Kite ferrys

With a so called ferry it is possible to send an object like a parachute to the kite by the line.
The ferry is blown to the kite by the wind in its sail. The ferry rolls over the line by small wheels. Near the kite there is a buffer. The mechanism of the ferry which holds the sail and the load will release the sail and the load when the ferry hits this buffer. The ferry comes back by its own weight because the sail isn't catching wind anymore.
I have made different ferries. The biggest one has a sail of 0,9m2. Here are some pictures of these ferries just before they are going.

start01 start02


A flying ferry always gets a lot of attention as you can see on this picture.

On the picture below you can see how a parachute with a diameter of 110cm descents.






A ferry with a 'paratrooper' on his way to the kite.


The ferry will descent by his own weight after releasing the load and the sail.


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