Single line kites

On this page I will show you some of the kites I made. I have tried to give you the source of the blueprint and where to find it wherever possible. The content of this page will change from time to time.



Sanjo rokkaku

This Japanese fightkite has a standard height of 330 cm. This model is made out of Tyvek and ramin. I have painted the kite with acrylpaint



Wolf Genki

This kite (© Carl Crowell 1994) has a span of 3 meter and a just little bit of wind is enough to hold him steady in the air. The materials used for this kite are: spinakernylon and carbonfiber.

In the middle of the yellow areas underneath the spar I have made points to attach Led-lights.



Double parasled

Double parasled, a kite with a surface of about 3,5 m2. Materials used: Ribstopnylon, Carbon and fiberglass rods.Plan double parasled of Thomas-Michael Rudolph


Mini Cody, width ca. 95 cm. Material used: Ripstop nylon, spars of carbon and fiberglass. Mini Cody plan


Boxkite of Hargrave

A boxkite with delta wings, from a design of Hargrave.
Used materials: Tyvec, painted with acryl, ramin spars.


Tetra kite

A nice kite that needs much wind.




A variation of a facetkite invented by Stephen Robinson.

A Used materials: Ribstopnylon (ca. 7 square meters) and ramin spars.
This is also a nice kite. The kite is simple to assemble and disassemble although it looks complex. The kite has good flying qualities.




A simple kite, good for all weather conditions.




A so called rotor kite, made of ribstopnylon with a aluminium caoting. This little kite is from al long distance vissible because of the aluminium caoting
Building the UFO


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