Radio El-Dorado


From now on, we will be broadcasting nonstop music from specific periods from 9pm to midnight.
On Mondays, the 60s. On Tuesday the 70s, on Wednesday the 80s on Thursday the 90s, on Friday
the 00s, on Saturday the 10's and on Sunday the 20's (until now).

From now on, syndicated programmes will no longer be broadcast. On the other hand, we will make some changes in programming. More on this soon.

With some regularity we receive e-mail intended for a radio station broadcasting on the AM. This station is also called El-Dorado. This mail is not meant for us. We only broadcast through the internet and occasionally (under another name) through the FM.

The Dutch language shows (radiospektakel / 19toen) on saturday and sunday afterrnoons will be discontinued because of the broadcasting rights.

19Toen Show - transmission starts at 20.00 CEST due to connection problems in the afternoon.

Starting a new program from saturday 28-03-2020 21.00-22.00 CET - ALL HOUSE.
Nick Fiorucci: ALL HOUSE Radio mix show & Podcast (formerly know as <<zipCAST>>) All House features the most upfront dance music, house, deep house, funky music, tech house and everything in between. Presented by a true musical renaissance man Nick Fiorucci an international recognized DJ, highly succesful producer, remixer, award-winning artis and record label head (Hi-Bias Record). Nick sifts through new music from the worlds top labels, artists and producers to bring you the finest gems and tomorrow's biggest hits. All House is powered by the world's moest elite DJ music pool and is quite simply the tastemaker for all dance and house music lovers.

19Toen Show - transmission starts at 15.00 CET, due to a crashed server.

We have installed a visitor couter on the website today.


Our website has been adjusted as of today. The layout has become simpler and clearer.

Broadcasts from El-Dorado via the radionomy stream were stopped on 31-12-2019. This has to do with the exorbitantly high amounts that the Buma Stemra/Sena ask Radionomy to be allowed to broadcast in the Netherlands. You can still hear music on this stream, but this is something from Radionomy. If you want to listen to us:
Choose the Laut.FM stream.

The Laut.Fm stream continues as a music station with popular music from the 60's to the present. The only difference with the Radionomy stream is that every now and then Dutch music will be played. El-Dorado is no longer based in the Netherlands from 01-01-2020, but takes care of its broadcasts from abroad.