Creating a Program
for the Texas Instruments TI-83 and
TI-84 (Plus) graphing calculators


To create a program, press the PRGM key of the TI-83, and select NEW using the left or right arrow key.

Activate "Create New" with the ENTER key.
The above reproduced in a short way: "> PRGM > NEW > Create New".
Next, you're expected to enter a program name.

For instance, type the name SQUARES and press the ENTER key.
(To get the letter S, press the ALPHA and S keys in succession. However, do not press the ALPHA key if the calculator is (locked) in the ALPHA-mode. Watch the "A" in the cursor.)
While running the program SQUARES, later on, it will ask you to enter a number X after which it will display calculated values for X, (X+1), and (X+2).

Now the program listing must be completed. So make sure the remaining 10 lines of the following listing are correctly entered.


Program Listing

PROGRAM:SQUARES S : press the ALPHA and S keys in succession
Q : use ALPHA, Q key, etc.
Lbl 5 > PRGM > CTL (Control) > Lbl (Label)
(use up/down arrows to explore the list)
Select Lbl, press ENTER, 5, ENTER.
ClrHome > PRGM > I/O > ClrHome (ClearHome)
Input "X=? ",X > PRGM > I/O > Input

" :  ALPHA, " keys
X :  X key or ALPHA, X keys
= :  > 2nd, TEST > TEST > "="
? :  ALPHA, ?
Space : ALPHA, .. (above 0 key)
, :  comma key
X+3→Z "→" Symbolizes the STO> key
While X<Z > PRGM > CTL > While
> 2nd, TEST > "<"
Disp X > PRGM > I/O > Disp (Display)
To get X press the X and x keys.
End > PRGM > CTL > End
Pause > PRGM > CTL > Pause
Goto 5 > PRGM > CTL > Goto


After putting in the program, leave the program edit screen using the QUIT function (press the 2nd and QUIT keys in succession).


Running the Program

Hereafter the program is running. Obviously there needs some input.
Enter a number, e.g. 30.


Once the program execution is interrupted, view the results, i.c. the calculated values of 30², 31² and 32².
Press ENTER to continue. You now may enter another numerical value. And so on.
To stop the execution, press the ON key (ON, 1).
At the normal screen, both ENTRY and ENTER now enable a quick resumption of the execution.


Editing the Program

What major change in output is to be expected if you change "X+3→Z" to "X+6→Z"? Verify your answer!
Use the QUIT function to exit the program edit screen and to return to the normal screen.


Hein ten Horn
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