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 a TI-83, TI-84 Plus program

Creating a Program?

Need help on programming your TI-calculator? Call in a simple explanation. Read more... Creating a Program

Aircraft landing  —  Landing  Dutch

 Versnelling, tijdstip, snelheid, hoogte, brandstofsaldo Set an aircraft down safely. To avoid a crash, evaluate flight data and inject carefully considered amounts of fuel into the retrorocket.
If playing with dynamic physics is one of your favourite avocations, the virtual landing device might turn out to be a real challenge. However, you will need a Texas Instruments calculator and some knowledge of the Dutch language. — Landing (Dutch)

Burgers' Creep

In what way will a sample of a viscoelastic material like an amorphous polymer elongate in course of time, if it is subjected to a constant stress? Based on the Burgers model the mechanical behaviour is given numerically as well as graphically. — Burgers' Creep

Copolymer Composition Drift

During the synthesis of a bipolymer, the composition of the instantaneously formed copolymer chains usually changes as the polymerization reaction proceeds. The changing composition is plotted as a function of the also changing composition of the monomer feed, starting from the initial feed composition and depending upon two given reactivity ratios. — Copolymer Composition

Marks, Weighted Average  —  Cijfers, gewogen gemiddelde  Dutch

 Gewogen gemiddelde van tien getallen  Conversietabel voor maximale score 27  Berekening toetscijfers voor een beperkt aantal scores On test papers, calculate marks from scores, one by one or all at once in a conversion table. On reports, calculate final average marks from class tests and exams. Using a list of weighing factors, the program enables computing the weighted average of one or more sequences of numerical data in a user-friendly way. The linked page comes to you in Dutch. — Weighted Average — Cijfers, gewogen gemiddelde (Dutch)


 Hit at the fifth attempt  Mastermind, after four attempts Have a hunt for a secret number. Here the colors of the familiar game have been replaced by numerals. Available 'colors' are the numerals from 1 to 9. The usual four digit length of the secret number can be changed to make the game easier or more difficult to play. — Mastermind

Orbital Quantities of Satellites

 Orbital radius equals 1.13 times earth's equatorial radius  Orbital quantities: period, altitude (height), orbit radius, number of earth radii Calculate a variety of quantities in relation to the earth centred circular motion of artificial satellites: the period of the orbiting satellite (h), the altitude of the satellite above earth's equatorial surface (km), the orbital radius (km), the orbital velocity (m/s), the centripetal acceleration (m/s²), the angular velocity (in rad/s and °/min), the escape velocity (m/s), the kinetic energy (MJ/kg), the potential energy (MJ/kg) and some more. Put in a value of only one quantity and the TI-calculator will return all remaining quantities. — Orbital Quantities of Satellites


 Parabola, graphs  Parabola, roots of quadratic equation Resolve the quadratic equation ax²+bx+c=0. Type in values of the parameters a, b and c, and get the existing real roots.
Let your TI-calculator draw a graph of the parabola y = ax²+bx+c, its derivative y' = dy/dx = 2ax+b and its directrix. — Parabola

Rectification (Distillate Composition Calculation)

According to the McCabe-Thiele method the program calculates the composition of the distillate obtained from a two component liquid mixture with known composition and relative volatility, boiling under a column with a given number of theoretical plates and a given reflux ratio. — Rectification (Distillate Composition)

Rectification (Calculation of the Number of Plates)

This program can be used to determine the total number of theoretical plates in a batch rectification unit, according to McCabe-Thiele. It needs input values of the relative volatility, the composition of the boiling mixture, the reflux ratio and the distillate composition. — Rectification (Number of Plates)


The available regression models are: linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logarithm, exponential, power, logistic and sine. — Regression

Regression, Linear

 Linear regression Linear regression is a statistical tool that helps you to determine the "best-fitting" straight line for any given set of experimental data. In the relationship  y = ax + b  the constants a and b are being determined.
The program is a limited version of the program Regression. Only the linear regression model is available. — Linear Regression

Azimuth and Distance

Given appropriate geographical coordinates, the distance from the fountain in your backyard to the dog-kennel of a friend living round the corner or in the Caribbean is calculated with high accuracy. The distance is measured across the WGS-84 ellipsoid. Both bearings are presented too.

Burgers' Stress Relaxation

A viscoelastic material like an amorphous polymer is stretched to a given value of the strain. How does the stress, necessary to maintain the constant strain, changes as a function of time? Grounded on the Burgers model, the question is numerically and graphically answered.

Quite some years ago already, the programs have been tested using version 1.12 of the TI-83 Plus software. Running them on the TI-83 calculator instead of the 'Plus' should much more likely be a gratifying business than a rather boring confrontation with an eruption of error messages, at least on the assumption that the handed syntax will have been put correctly into the calculator. Yet, if you do encounter any difficulties on this, please let me know the faced problems and your possible findings about solving them.
After updating the TI software (version 1.15) I faced one minor problem (March 2003).
The TI-84 Plus SE obeys full compatibility.


Hein ten Horn

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Texas Instruments calculators:
TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-Nspire, TI-Nspire CAS.

 TI-83  TI-83 Plus  TI-84 Plus  TI-84 Plus SE

 TI-Nspire  TI-Nspire CAS


A couple of nice oldies...

 TI-57  TI-57 - each digit in the LED display is being magnified by a small lens in front of it

Texas Instruments TI-57
The "TI Programmable 57" appeared in the late seventies; it offered no fewer than fifty programming steps! Unfortunately the supplied nickel cadmium battery-pack wasn't granted to live long, so I made my TI-57 running on a built-in common rechargeable unit. Close-up: each digit in the LED display is magnified by a small lens in front of it.

 Casio fx-991  The Casio fx-991 attached to its protecting case

Casio fx-991
(Casio fx-991, Scientific Calculator, Solar Cell)
No worries about flat going batteries.
After twenty years odd this slim calculator is still in daily use!