File Writer output plugin for Winamp 2/5

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NOTE: This plugin is no longer being developed, I AM most certainly still available for questions, suggestions and specific requests though. The source code is also available to any one who asks.

I created this plugin to make it possible to give files date and time stamps in their filenames, now I have made a file writer plugin with multiple file format support that is quite powerful and extensible (by me that is :).
At the moment it will let you specify a directory to write files in, it will let you choose between the raw, ape, flac, mp3, ogg and wave file formats and it supports three different modes for creating a filename:
Simply use the title
Simply uses the title as a filename
Use the title and expand it
Uses the title but expands some variables similar to the title option of my LineIn plugin (the syntax has changed in v1.20 and is now very similar to the syntax used by Foobar2000 and some Winamp input plugins)
Use the following expandable string to create the filename
This enables you to specify an expandable string which is used to create the filename (usefull with a setting like: %_title% - on %_current_date_long%), you should use at least %_title% (unexpanded title), %_expanded_title% (expanded title) or %_playlist_number% (playlist index, use the $fpad function to pad the playlist number with zeroes) with that option.
Also note you can specify relative paths by simply putting backslashes in the expandable string for the filename. See the Expandlib help in the configuration dialog of the plugin for an overview of all the things you can use in the expandable strings. Some of the things you can use (besides the ones mentioned above) are: For some formats/functions to be available you need seperate dlls or commandline utilities, I have not included them in the standard distributable because they are relatively large and probably not everybody needs everything anyway, so if you want them you should go to the site of the format and download them: If you are unable to find what you want, just mail me.

Any input / comments / real-life results are immensely appreciated.

The latest version is 1.21b (uploaded on January 21, 2005).

To download please click on the link:
File Writer output plugin v1.21b (233 KB)  Readme (15 KB)
NOTE: If you used to use %_current_time...% or %_current_date...% in an expandable string with my plugin, this new version of 1.21 will restore the old behaviour of these variables (while preserving the new behaviour if you use parts). Version 1.21b makes tagging work again.
Quite a few bugs have been fixed and a lot of things have been improved. There are also some new features, but these are mostly invisible to the common user (they need registry changes because I haven't made a GUI for these settings, yet).
Previous release notes: This release has seen a lot of bugfixes, new features and enhancements of old features. The most notable changes are support for very large files, the Tag commandline utility and the new expandlib, the latter made it possible for me to implement better support for commandline utilities and some other very nice features. Take some time to get used to the possibilities of the plugin (for example: I have added commandline templates for the commandline utilities and both these as well as the original commandline options are expandable strings now).
If you are using my plugin, this is basically a must-have version, it is about twice as big as previous versions but also has a lot more to offer.
NOTE: If you used a previous version of my plugin this version will automatically update any old settings to a new format if needed (it will convert traditional expandable strings to the new format for example).
If you have any questions, just mail me.
I also have a mailinglist (for updates and so on). To join it, just mail me (don't forget to mention you want to join the File Writer mailinglist). But before you ask anything, check out the FAQ first.

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To contact me, please mail to:
I hope you'll enjoy my program(s).