LineIn plugin for Winamp 2/5

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NOTE: This plugin is no longer being developed, I AM most certainly still available for questions, suggestions and specific requests though. For those who need it, I also have a development version that has some new (but unfinished) features:

It also has some bugfixes, most notably related to the stime/sdate options. It's available here (mail me if you want the source code).

NOTE: This plugin is only for Winamp 2 and Winamp 5, NOT for Winamp 3.
My LineIn plugin for Winamp seriously improves upon Winamp's line-in capabilities. It supports any samplerate your device supports, it supports any number of channels your device supports (upto 32) and any number of bits per sample (upto 64, and it helps if it is aligned on an 8-bit boundary, although it is not required - by my plugin that is). You can also specify the size and number of buffers for optimal performance.
Starting at v1.30 it even supports a title, this means you can control the way it looks in your playlist!
My plugin supports just about anything you can think of that has standard wave audio or DirectSound drivers, in just about any format you can dream of (if you can find a real-life format that isn't supported by my plugin, please mail me).
I've had a lot of positive reactions and people have shown interest in my plugin, so I have put it on the internet, that way you don't have to wait for Winamp's site to display it.

I'm always running low on ideas, so any ideas would be very much appreciated.

The latest version is 1.80 (uploaded on August 6, 2002).

To download please click on the link:
LineIn plugin v1.80 (217 KB)  Readme (14 KB)
This version has some bugfixes concerning the chnmap option, the hang-on-stop bug (finally it's fixed, no work-around needed anymore) and the VIS.
The biggest change however is in the title option and the format that some of the options, I have entirely rewritten the title expanding function, it's now much more flexible, but at the moment I haven't transferred all existing "codes" yet, so have a look in the documentation (the option reference) to see wether you need the old functionality (and also to see what has changed), if you do you can download it here (see the link below, LineIn plugin v1.80 - old expand).
The change in size is due to the fact I linked some libraries statically.
LineIn plugin v1.80 - old expand (178 KB)
This is the same as the above one, only with the old expand system.
Documentation (go here before asking any questions)
You can also download the documentation (as a set of html documents, identical to the online version) in a zip file by Clicking here
I also have a mailinglist (for updates and so on). To join it, just mail me (don't forget to mention you want to join the LineIn plugin mailinglist).

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To contact me, please mail to:
I hope you'll enjoy my program(s).