LineIn plugin for Winamp 2/5 Documentation - Introduction

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Basic description of the plugin

My LineIn plugin for Winamp 2/5 is a so-called 'plugin' for Winamp (a very good multimedia player). This means it adds some functionality to Winamp, more specifically, since it's an input plugin, it adds input functionality.
For my plugin this means that you can use any device you can record from (this can also be a 'virtual' device) in Winamp, as though it were an MP3 file (except for seeking of course).

Its uses

If you've ever wanted to connect (or connected) some kind of audio device to your computer and wondered if you could use it in Winamp, so you could run VIS plugins (short for visualization plugins, plugins that visualize the sound), or perhaps DSP (digital sound processing) plugins (for sound effects or for shoutcasting) on it, than this plugin is something for you.
It can also help you record sound to your harddrive in some cases (for example if you want to record something without having to buy an expensive program).

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