LineIn plugin for Winamp 2/5 Documentation - Installation

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Getting the plugin

My plugin can be downloaded from or from this site (go here).
The advantage of downloading it at is that you can read the reviews, the advantage of downloading it here is that you will always get the latest version, which can be quite important (especially if you want me to help you in case of problems).

The installation

NOTE: This could all be changed in a newer version, but the general idea should stay the same.

If you've downloaded my plugin, execute the installer, it will be called something like: linein142.exe, this should present you with a dialog similar to the following:
Installation dir
Here you should enter the full path of your plugins directory, for most people this should be right automatically, but if you're not sure you might want to check by going there using Windows Explorer.

After you're sure it's the right path, press Next and it will start installing the dll (the plugin itself) and the readme file (LineIn_Readme.txt in the installation directory, small documentation and usually not as good as the on-line one). After it's finished it should launch notepad with the readme file, which should look like this:
Screenshot of readme

Now the plugin is installed and you can start using it, but before you do, take a look at the basic usage section, it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

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I hope you'll enjoy my program(s).