UVC Microscope Viewer for OS/2 (ArcaOS, eComStation) - Click here for my "UVC Webcam Server" web page.

This product is available free of charge and may be used at your own risk. Have fun. Click here for the ISC license.

Description UVC Microscope Viewer operates your UVC microscope at 640x480 resolution.

Obtain this product here free of charge. Click here for source code. Click here for my home page.

Operating Instructions

Take a look at specimen and take snapshots. Use uvcscope to view yuyv or mjpg images.

Use uvcscope /u to view yuyv images. Use uvcscope /c to correct yuyv colors. Use uvcscope /m to view mjpg images.


Use the maximize button to switch between 640x480 and 320x240 display modes.

Click on "Snapshot" to take a picture. Snapshots are written to the UVCSCOPE.BMP and UVCSCOPE.JPG files and rexx is started with the UVCSCOPE.CMD file for post processing. You may replace UVCSCOPE.CMD with your own version.

Click on "Testshot" to capture raw input data. Captured raw input data is written to UVCSCOPE.RAW for later inspection. This could be of help in situations where your UVC microscope is working but the displayed picture stays black. Use uvcscope /x to include stream headers.

Program Parameters

/cN - Select yuyv conversion matrix and transfer characteristics. Proper values for N are 0 to 2 (ITU-R BT.601). Default is 3 (ITU-R BT.709).

/fN - Select discrete frame interval setting. Proper values for N are 0 up to the highest setting your microscope supports.

/iN - Select alternate interface setting. Proper values for N are 1 up to the highest setting your microscope supports.

/m - Select mjpg images. This parameter is mutually exclusive with the /u parameter.

/u - Select yuyv images. This parameter is mutually exclusive with the /m parameter.

/x - Extended "Testshot" stream capture. Includes stream headers when capturing raw input data.

Microscope Selection Parameter

/d0000:0000:0000 - device, specifies UVC microscope.

The 1st part is idVendor, the Vendor Identification. The 2nd part is idProduct, the Product Identification. The 3rd part is bcdDevice, the Device Release Number.

Must be specified with valid hexadecimal numbers. Valid hexadecimal digits are 0 thru 9 and A thru F. An invalid character truncates the hexadecimal number.

The wildcard character # may be specified too. Leading zeroes may be omitted.

Rexx Post Processing

Rexx Return String

UVCSCOPE.CMD uses GBMSIZE.EXE (part of GBM Tools) to convert the snapshot into a 320x240 portable network graphics when you remove the /* and */ from the following line:

/*'gbmsize.exe -h 240 -w 320 uvcscope.bmp uvcscope.png'*/

Any string returned by UVCSCOPE.CMD will be shown in a dialog window.

The FAILURE condition indicates that GBMSIZE.EXE could not be found.

Specimen Snapshot


Thanks to Sergey Glazunov for this picture.

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