Software for the Sinclair QL
Written by Bob Spelten Jr and Wolfgang Uhlig
SuQcess2 logo
New Freeware Version 2.07
SuQcess, The PE/GD2 front-end for the DBas Database Engine that lists the records like a spreadsheet. You can easily create a new database or import one from an Archive _exp file or a text file. Search parameters can be named and saved in a list for quick access. Also Sort and Display settings can be saved there for each database.
QCP logo
Now Version 1.61
QCP, QL Colour Picker. Choosing your colours was never easier. "Stuff" the colour number in the command line, direct in your program or save it to one of your 16 favourites.
Now you also get decimal System values, Native numbers and 3D borders. You can edit or input numbers and see what colours they produce.
QCoCo logo
New Version 1.63
QCoCo, QL Colour Configurator. Select the System Palette colours from your 16 favourites or create some new colours or try the fancy 3D borders. Start some PE applications to see how they look and save the "themes" you like as hex _thm or binary _thb.
You can choose from QL-, PAL-, System-, Grey- or Stipple colours.
SQRview logo
Now Version 1.02
SQRview, QL Screen Viewer. View uncompressed Bitmap pictures like PC-BMP from 1 to 24 bits, QL-PIC or PSA files, QL-Screen files or QL-Sprites in all current modes 4 to 64.
Now also supporting compressed PC formats like JPEG, GIF and PNG. Most images can be saved as Native PIC files or Sprites, also with RLE compression.

New Versions

Utilities. On this page you will find small programs, tools, pieces of code, routines, pictures, ideas etc. In other words, things that can help you when programming for the QL in SBASIC with colours for GD2 and the PE.

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