History of the family with the Surname KWANT or Quant 
This site is an attempt to find out the history of people with the surname KWANT.  
   By making a link to sites of other people who have made research I hope to realise the complete Kwant Book. 
Till now I have found several roots: 
  - around 1650: Gramsbergen, on the border of the Netherlands and Germany, 
                       in a hostel on the riverside of De Veght. (see map)  
  - around 1730: Veendam, province of Groningen, my ancestors in a  marriage contract,  
                        Have a look at the signatures in 1730  and 1815  (These are my ancestors) 
 - but as a separate line: also Hendrik Kwant was born in 1799 in Haren  and for full description (click on the name) 
  - Groningen: Based on info Genlias a complete review was made by Monique de Beer-Kwant: here and in Geneanet
 - Also the name Kwant is mentioned with the same first names in Drenthe                              
 - around 1500: Schiedam (Kethel) on the riverside of the Schie see: Zuid Holland 
 - and Jan Kwant bought allready in 1766 a house in Utrecht (in Dutch) 
As you can see from the files the name was written Quant in the past as well. 
Do you have any information, please send it to me, and we can try to find out what the links are, you can also add it to the guestbook.  
Also the information from my mother's side is presented under Cazemier (only in Dutch) and the complete family tree is presented under family tree. Click in the tree on the names and you will see the relations and discover more names. 
Some of the reactions, received in 2001 - 2005 are presented here. Also have a look OR WRITE in the Dreambook! 
Note: This Entrance Page is in English, But not all information is! 
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