Waterrocket launchers

On this page you can find information about the waterrocket launchers I have build. I am sorry, but this page is not yet completely ready. But you already can find an interesting model of a folding launcher


Folding launcher

The folding launcher has a folding under carriage of 3 legs. The launcher can be devided in 2 parts so you can easy transport it in a backpack, of course tougether with your rockets and a pump.
This is a detail picture of the launcher. As you can see I have used 3 tie-ribs to hold the rocket wile it will be pressurised.
The complete launcher.The connection of the launchtube.Again the connection of the launchtube.The complete launcher.
The valvue, soldered in a lid, and a manometer to read the correct perssure.  
The launcher, folded.  
The launcher is foldable.  
Detail of the foot of the launcher, photo taken form the bottom of the launcher.  
The construction of the foot seen from above.  
An other detail of the foot.  
For further details of this design look at the plan for the folding launcher.

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